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Tips for using your Maestro card and PIN (personal identification number) correctly.

Loss and Theft of your Maestro Card

Do not answer any questions regarding your Maestro PIN. This code must not be disclosed under any circumstances. Have your Maestro card blocked immediately in the event of loss or theft. Our helpline staff are available day and night to block your card and advise you on what to do next.


  • 24h helpline available free of charge within Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 0800 800 488
  • 24h helpline to call when abroad +41 800 800 488

Your Personal Maestro PIN

With your Maestro card and PIN you have worldwide access to all Maestro services (cash withdrawals, payment for purchases and services, and in Switzerland you can load and unload cash using your CASH chip). The Maestro PIN will be sent to you by registered mail and can be changed to suit your personal requirements at any ATM.

Change Your PIN?

Never choose number combinations that are easy to guess, such as dates of birth, car registration numbers or telephone numbers. Similarly, the Maestro PIN should never be written down and kept with the Maestro card.

Forgotten Your PIN?

If you have forgotten your Maestro PIN you will need to order a new Maestro card with a new Maestro PIN, because you are the only person who knows the PIN.

Using the Maestro Card Abroad

When choosing a PIN for your Maestro card be sure to always create one made up of numbers only. Never include letters. This is because the keypads of more and more ATM s both in Switzerland and abroad allow you to enter numbers only. If, when using your Maestro card abroad, you are prompted to enter fewer numbers than usual (for example four instead of six), just enter the first four numbers. In the UK, France, Italy, Turkey and Greece you will occasionally be requested to authorize a Maestro transaction with your signature. The Maestro card is checked and approved online, but rather than entering your PIN you must sign a receipt.

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