General Information

Maestro Card

User-Friendly and with Contactless Function

The Maestro card allows you to pay for your purchases conveniently and without cash in Switzerland and abroad, as well as to withdraw cash at ATMs.

With the contactless function, the payment transaction is even simpler and faster, especially for small amounts up to CHF 40.

The design of the Maestro card is simple, high-quality, and elegant; it has an innovative portrait format. The layout of the Maestro card matches the orientation during use, resulting in increased user-friendliness.

Contactless Payment


The Maestro card is equipped with an additional function that supports contactless payment. For small amounts up to CHF 40, you can pay without PIN input. Just hold your Maestro card at the spot marked on the card reader to conveniently pay in stores. You can also make contactless payments for amounts over CHF 40, but you will have to enter your PIN.

For security reasons, the contactless function will be deactivated for the dispatch of the Maestro card. The contactless function is automatically activated as soon as a transaction is made with the introduction of the Maestro card into a terminal or an ATM with successful PIN entry.

You will find more information on the Maestro card with the contactless function in our FAQs PDF (198 KB).

Country Settings 

  • Use your card securely worldwide, thanks to individual country settings to protect against skimming (i.e. copying card data in Switzerland and then making fraudulent cash withdrawals, primarily outside of Europe)
  • To offer increased protection against card misuse, your Maestro card is blocked for use in individual countries.
  • You can activate your Maestro card for individual countries yourself in Online & Mobile Banking
    You can also call our 24-hour help-line at +41 800 800 488 to activate your card for a limited period, e.g. a vacation

Your Benefits 

  • Pay amounts under CHF 40 in seconds without entering your PIN
  • Easier than cash – no change or foreign currency necessary
  • Direct debits from account ensure controlled spending 
  • Available for transaction accounts in CHF, EUR, USD, and GBP
  • Cash withdrawals worldwide in the local currency and cashless payments all over the world. No currency conversion if transaction and account currency match
  • Query and print account information (e.g. account balance) at Credit Suisse ATMs
  • Deposit money in your account any time, free of charge, using appropriately designated Credit Suisse ATMs
  • With a Bonviva Banking Package, you get a Bonviva Maestro card, plus two credit cards, a savings account, and multiple private accounts
  • With a Viva Banking Package, you not only benefit from the Viva Maestro card, you also get a credit card (Viva Student) or a prepaid card as well as a private and savings account


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