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Credit Suisse offers you a varied range of cards and payment methods while traveling.

The Choice Is Yours: Card or Banking Package?

Want more than one Maestro card or credit card*? Then a Banking Package is right for you. Choose from three comprehensive packages at a transparent fixed price. You also benefit from exclusive rewards.

Bonviva Banking Packages

With a Bonviva Banking Package you'll receive one Maestro card and two credit cards along with a Savings account and multiple Private accounts at a fixed price. Get free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland with the Maestro card. Payment transaction fees are included (except third-party fees). With your credit card, you'll also earn valuable Bonviva points that you can redeem for attractive rewards.

Viva Banking Packages

Viva Banking Packages for young people and students offer a private account and savings account. Free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland with the Viva Maestro card. Also included in the package is a prepaid card. Viva Student offers a choice between a credit card and a prepaid card.

Bank Cards

Credit Suisse bank cards give you direct access to your bank account. Shop worldwide with your Maestro card or withdraw cash anytime from Credit Suisse ATMs with your Cash Service card. 

Credit Cards

Whether it's an American Express Card, MasterCard, or Visa, we have the right card for you.

Travel Funds

Besides bank cards, credit cards and cash in foreign currency, the Travel Cash card is one of the most popular and safe ways to pay for travel expenses.

Prepaid Card

Now available: The Prepaid card from Credit Suisse. Want a method of payment that acts like a credit card but isn't? Simply load your Prepaid card and it's ready to use around the world or for online purchases.

* Credit Cards, issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH

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