Live Better with Bonviva When There’s Still a Lot of Month Left at the End of the Money

When There’s Still a Lot of Month Left at the End of the Money

Always having enough money to cover ongoing costs – that's the cash reserve which helps you sleep at night. A good cushion in your savings account allows you to enjoy life. But of course, saving is easier said than done. Bonviva reveals suitable saving tips for every situation, so that there is some money left over at the end of the month.

How Do Students Save?

Students do not have a lot of money, but there are probably a few money burners in the budget. What often comes up as a hefty expense in a savings consultation is going out to eat. Even if they are small sums, they all add up: For example, someone who spends 15 francs a day on lunch is spending 300 francs a month. In this regard, it may be useful to bring a packed lunch from home now and again.

How Do Single People Save?

Apartment, car, internet connection: If you have to fork out for everything on your own, you automatically have higher costs. Savings advisors at Credit Suisse observe that many single people can better exploit their savings potential when they try to spread their costs.

On this note, share models can be very interesting. If you use infrastructures and resources jointly – be it the apartment, the car, work or household appliances – you save costs, and also make a contribution to greater sustainability. These kinds of community solutions are gaining in popularity and are often offered on the internet on various sharing platforms. Sometimes your neighbor can be a good starting point for a sharing partner. It makes sense to share internet costs with them, for example.

Sometimes your neighbor can be a good starting point for a sharing partner.

How Do Young Professionals Save?

If you have just started your career, you work a lot. To keep some free time alongside work, full-time employees are often happy when they can delegate their household chores to a cleaner or a laundry service. This is understandable, but it eats into your money. There is a simple motto to follow which helps with saving: Less is more.

How Do Young Families Save?

For many young families it is not easy to put money aside: When the first child arrives, costs increase and income decreases when one parent cuts back professionally, which is often the case. However, it is still important to create decent reserves, as the child may wish to go to university at some point or need support during their education. The best way to save is to transfer money into a savings account every month with a standing order – even small amounts are worthwhile.

Anatole Taubman im Gespräch mit den Jugendlichen.

How Do the Over-50s Save?

When the children have left home, the financial obligations will be reduced and the main outgoings will probably be taxes, entertainment, and vacation. Those who pay the maximum amount into the third pillar have lower tax bills. Lifestyle costs can be significantly lower if you book hotels with one star fewer, and during the off-season. You can also explore your local surroundings instead of going on long-haul vacations.

How Do Couples Save after Retirement?

There is probably no longer any reason to tread more carefully financially – the most important thing is that the money is sufficient for all spending and for maintaining a cash reserve, covering taxes and health insurance bills. However, it is still worth reconsidering spending habits: Decrease spending and increase quality of life: That is the motto. Why not sell the second car and take a taxi instead? You can let yourself be chauffeured more often with the money you would have spent on car tax and insurance.