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Bonviva in Figures

  • Package price per month: in the first year: CHF 40, subsequent years: CHF 80.
  • Price per month for package with the partner option: in the first year: CHF 45, subsequent years: CHF 90. With the partner option, you benefit together with your partner from all the package components.
  • The discount in the first year applies to new packages and upgrades. 
  • The package price is debited quarterly. A full year’s fee is charged if a client cancels the banking package within the first year. This rule does not apply to subsequent years.
  • Additional checks are required before credit cards1 can be issued.
  • Bonviva Platinum is available to persons age 18 and older who are resident in Switzerland.

1 Credit Cards, issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH

Private Account

Current Account

Savings Account





Interest rate p.a.


CHF: 0.01%
Other currencies: no interest paid


Interest rate limit

CHF 100,000
(thereafter the standard interest rate applies)

CHF 500,000
(above this amount currently same interest rate)

CHF 500,000
(thereafter the standard interest rate applies)

Third-party charges

Passed on to the client

Passed on to the client

Passed on to the client

Payment transactions



Savings account not suitable for payment transactions. Where payments are made via the savings account, the current terms and conditions apply.

Maestro card

  • Included (annual fee)
  • Free CHF cash withdrawals at all Swiss ATMs 
  • Included (annual fee)
  • Free CHF cash withdrawals at all Swiss ATMs 

Not possible

Online & mobile banking




2 Covers charges for transactions via Online Banking, direct debit, multiple payment orders, payment order forms/standing orders, payment orders by letter, telephone, or fax, credits, checks.
For any charges or third-party charges not mentioned, the terms and conditions as per the current price lists of Credit Suisse AG apply. Credit Suisse assumes normal usage of up to a
maximum of CHF 10,000 per year and reserves the right to calculate any charges in excess of that amount in accordance with the terms and conditions of the current price lists.

General Information:

For detailed services, benefits and conditions, please consult the relevant brochures, product fact sheets and terms of insurance.

Status 01.1.2014. Changes may be made at any time.


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