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Welcome to Credit Suisse

Your reliable partner for trusted advice in all your financial matters.

New to Switzerland?

Are you thinking of relocating to Switzerland, or have you recently moved to this country? Obtain first-class advice and lay the groundwork for a successful start in Switzerland.
Find an advisor in your area who speaks your language, and make an appointment for a first consultation, free of charge and without obligation.

Why Credit Suisse?

Founded in 1856 in Switzerland, Credit Suisse has a long tradition of meeting the complex financial needs of a wide range of clients. Your needs and aspirations are at the core of our comprehensive structured advisory process. Our teams and specialists deliver trusted advice, complemented by superior solutions and all the capabilities of the integrated bank.

Private Clients


We advise you during every stage of your life, and help you to achieve your goals. We provide support when you need it, such as at the beginning of your career, when starting a family or fulfilling the dream of owning your own home, or when you want to make your dreams of a carefree retirement into reality.

Corporate Clients


From local SMEs to globally active corporations – here you will find information and solutions that are tailored to suit your company's challenges.

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