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  1. Demographic Change Is Causing Issues for Retirement Pensions

    Demographic Change Is Causing Issues for Retirement Pensions

    Today, too many retirees need to be financed by too few actively employed workers. This means that the intergenerational contract and retirement provision must be adjusted to suit the conditions of modern society.

  2. Immobilien erben

    Sample Calculation: Inheriting a Property

    Manuela would like to take on an apartment that she inherited together with her siblings. How can she finance the apartment and buy out her brothers? 

  3. Credit Suisse Financial Planning Video

    Financial planning in brief: What is Credit Suisse financial planning and what are the key questions that will be answered? 

  4. Key Information and Tips on Financial Planning

    Key Information and Tips on Financial Planning

    Our guide gives you a whole host of tips, information, as well as answers to key questions on all aspects of financial planning.

  5. Residential Property Pension Fund Assets

    What Happens if a Couple Divorces and Residential Property Was Financed with Pension Fund Assets?

    Many couples use money from their pension fund to finance their house or apartment. This form of financing can certainly make sense in some cases. If they divorce, however, things can get complicated, particularly if the person who wants to assume ownership of the house did not make an advance withdrawal from his/her pension fund. 

  6. "Pension or Lump Sum?" Video

    When it comes to retirement, almost every employee must decide whether to withdraw the saved pension fund assets as a pension or as a lump sum.

  7. Save tax with pillar 3a

    How Much Tax Can I Save with Pillar 3a?

    It's worth it – there are tax advantages with payments into pillar 3a. The free online calculator shows the tax savings for payments into pillar 3a.

  8. Incapacity to Make Independent Decisions – Do the People Closest to You Know Your Plans?

    If somebody no longer has the capacity to make decisions due to an accident, serious illness, or infirmity related to old age, they become dependent on the help of third parties. With an advance directive, you can ensure that all of your affairs are in order in this case.

  9. Widow's Pension if I Remarry

    Do I Lose My Entitlement to a Widow's Pension if I Remarry?

    A widow's pension is paid to a wife or ex-wife of a deceased husband or ex-husband until she remarries. A change in marital status must always be reported to the compensation office. Otherwise, this could result in large repayments.

  10. Terms Inheritance

    Eight Terms That You Should Know to Do with Inheritance

    Swiss inheritance law covers all the different constellations and situations that can arise in inheritance cases. The topic is correspondingly complex. Anyone wanting to know about the subject in detail must be familiar with and understand some legal terminology. The most important terms are explained below.