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  1. Terms Inheritance

    Eight Terms That You Should Know to Do with Inheritance

    Swiss inheritance law covers all the different constellations and situations that can arise in inheritance cases. The topic is correspondingly complex. Anyone wanting to know about the subject in detail must be familiar with and understand some legal terminology. The most important terms are explained below. 

  2. Inheritance Planning – Better Not Wait until Later

    This video explains the statutory regulation of Swiss marital property and inheritance law simply and easily. And why a last will or inheritance contract can be important, and for couples, a marriage contract.

  3. Key Information and Tips on Financial Planning

    Key Information and Tips on Financial Planning

    Our guide gives you a whole host of tips, information, as well as answers to key questions on all aspects of financial planning.

  4. Pension savings with tax benefits at AHV retirement age

    Can Pension Recipients Who Work Part-Time Make Pension Provisions with Tax Benefits?

    Men up to age 70 and women up to age 69 can pay into the pillar 3a fund with tax benefits if they work part-time or full-time after retirement age. The same is possible with the pension fund, depending on the rules and the amount of gross income from employment.

  5. Performance Report Pillar

    Annual Report 2016 - Pillar 3a

    How was the 2016 stock market year from the perspective of the Credit Suisse Privilegia Pillar 3 pension foundation and how should the results achieved be evaluated? In the Annual Report - 2016 Pillar 3a you will also find out what developments are forecast for the 2017 stock market year.

  6. Early retirement with partial retirement solutions from the pension fund

    Partial Retirement at 62: What Are the Important Things to Note?

    Partial retirement is possible, depending on the pension fund. It's important to choose the right time to draw your pension, plan each sub-stage, and consider the consequences under pension and tax laws. 

  7. Comparison of marriage and cohabitation

    What are the differences between marriage and cohabitation?

    Claims to pensions and an inheritance from spouses are governed by comprehensive legal regulations. Yet, there is no legal foundation for people living together without a marriage certificate. Cohabiting couples can reach agreement on many things, but not everything, so that they have nearly the same status as married couples.

  8. The Four Questions about Early Retirement

    As this video shows, early retirement may result in a pension gap which can be closed in various ways; first and foremost with pillar 3a. But first we must be clear about four questions.

  9. 3. Säule Wertschriftenlösung

    Saving with Pillar 3a: Making Payments Annually Is Sufficient

    This article is only available in German.

  10. Passing your company on to your child while protecting capital

    How Can I Pass My Company on to My Child While Protecting Capital?

    If you want to pass your company on to a child while protecting capital, you should not risk the company value, pose a disadvantage to your other children under inheritance laws, or endanger your retirement provisions. Therefore, merely giving the company away is not a suitable option.