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  1. Erbschaft

    NZZ Series: Thinking about Those Closest to You

    This article is only available in German.

  2. Helping children purchase residential property

    What Is the Best Way to Help Children with the Purchase of Residential Property? 

    Many parents would like to know the best way for them to help their children purchase residential property. Gifts cannot be reversed. For this reason, an interest-free loan is often a better option. 

  3. Saving for Pillar 3a

    Facts and Wishful Thinking about Pillar 3a

    The Swiss pension system is going to face real problems if it is not reformed. In the meantime, the occasionally heated debate in the Federal Parliament revolving around the 2020 pension reform is also being discussed among the general Swiss population. Nonetheless, when it comes to our personal pension provision, we are looking through powerful rose-colored glasses.

  4. Erbschaftssteuer und Schenkungssteuer

    Inheritance and Gift Taxes - 12 Things You Need to Know

    Almost all industrialized nations have an inheritance tax. This includes Switzerland. With the exception of Schwyz, all cantons levy such a tax. It is generally levied as an inheritance tax for every heir and legatee. In addition, almost all cantons levy a gift tax. That way, even transfers of assets before death are taxed.

  5. Maximum contributions to tied pension provision for self-employed persons

    How Much Are Self-Employed Persons Allowed to Pay into Tied Pension Provision If They Set Up Their Own Business during the Course of a Year?

    Many self-employed persons want to know how much they are allowed to pay into their private pension provision during the year in which they go into business for themselves. It is generally possible to combine two contribution options.

  6. Residential property after death

    What Happens to the Family Home If One of the Partners Dies?

    For a woman, the death of a partner can also have a significant financial impact on the residential property. Women should prepare for this scenario as early as possible.

  7. Value added tax increase.

    "Pensions 2020" Reform Package: Long-Term Financing

    The Swiss "Pensions 2020" reform package includes a value added tax increase. In difficult times, it would be possible to increase AHV contributions. The aim of the reform is to keep AHV and pension fund benefits at today's level.

  8. No company retirement provision is available to women while they are on parental leave

    Saving for Retirement despite Maternity Leave and Unpaid Work?

    Women on maternity leave performing unpaid caregiver work have a hard time building up their pension provision. No company retirement provision is available to them while they are on parental leave. That can cause pension gaps that are hard to close.

  9. Schöner leben nach der Rente

    NZZ Series: Lump Sum or Pension?

    This article is only available in German.

  10. Widow's pension only for mothers.

    "Pensions 2020" Reform Package: AHV Widow's Pension Now Only for Mothers with Care Obligations

    The "Pensions 2020" pension reform aims to address deficiencies in the law. Among other things, it is envisaged that only mothers with care responsibilities will receive an AHV widow's pension in the future.