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  1. Pension provision for self-employed women with no BVG obligation

    How Should Self-Employed Women Save for Retirement?

    Pension provision for self-employed women depends on a number of things, including their company's chosen legal form, especially when it comes to the second pillar. It is often worthwhile to take out voluntary employee benefits insurance in addition to insurance against disability or death. 

  2. Wer früher geht, zahlt viel Geld

    NZZ series: Whoever goes earlier pays a lot of money

    This article is only available in German.

  3. Many women with part-time jobs lack any kind of pension fund.

    What Does Part-Time Work Mean for a Woman's Pension Provision?

    Part-time work and lower wages than men reduce the income and the contributions of women to the first and second pillars. It is therefore even more important for women to focus on private retirement provision. 

  4. Getting a divorce can open a pension gap.

    Pension Gap after Divorce: How Can Women Protect Themselves?

    A divorce changes many things in the life of a woman, including her pension provision. Women who make specific contributions to their retirement planning can minimize or eliminate any pension gaps and are more financially independent when they retire. 

  5. Retirement provision is important.

    Retirement Provision: What You Need to Know

    Pension provision in Switzerland is based on three pillars: state pension provision (AHV), employee benefits insurance (BVG), and private pension provision. The three-pillar principle was embedded in the Federal Constitution in 1972, and grants comprehensive insurance coverage for old age, death, and disability to all persons living in Switzerland. 

  6. Advance withdrawal or pledge?

    Advance Withdrawal or Pledge?

    Generally the bank will approve a mortgage if you have at least 20% of the purchase price in equity. If you do not have sufficient equity, you can take money from your pension fund as financing. There are two options: advance withdrawal or pledging. Advance withdrawal increases the equity and reduces the interest rate. Pledging increases debt capital and reduces the tax burden.

  7. Pension provision for married couples and families

    Pension Provision for Married Couples and Families

    First, you fall in love. Next, you get engaged. Then you get married, and before you know it, you – like many people – have started a family. That is what makes it important to start thinking about pension provision as early as possible so that your loved ones have financial security when you retire, have an accident, or die.

  8. Pension reform 2020 changes women.

    Pension Reform 2020: The Seven Changes That Women Need to Know About

    On November 19, 2014, the Federal Council issued its message regarding Pensions 2020. The aim of this reform is to protect benefits under the 1st and 2nd pillars while also reflecting the changing needs of society.

  9. Avoid problems by making a last will: two generations at the beach.

    NZZ Series: Giving at the Right Time

    This article is only available in German. 

  10. Retirement starting at 62

    Pension Reform 2020: Flexible and Individual Retirement

    The Pensions 2020 reform package strives to preserve the benefits of AHV and pension funds and give them sufficient financing. The planned measures include flexible retirement.