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  1. Budget planning for retirement. A checklist helps.

    Budget Planning for Retirement: A Checklist Helps 

    What income and expenses can I expect during retirement? Will I have enough money for the desired standard of living? And how can assets be expected to develop? The checklist for budget planning offers clarity for the period after you retire. 

  2. Testaments, advance directives, and living wills – numerous forms and procedures for last wills.

    My Will Be Done

    In the November 20, 2016 issue of Sunday paper NZZ am Sonntag, Eugen Stamm describes why he kept putting off drafting a last will and other important documents, and how it feels to have tackled this task once and for all.

  3. Make a purchase or invest in securities?

    Taking Control of Your Pension Planning 

    In these times of very low interest rates, combined with high equity and real estate values, making a voluntary purchase toward your pension benefits holds great appeal. Anyone choosing not to purchase benefits would have to achieve a return on investment of around 10 percent in order to have the same capital after ten years as with an additional payment into the pension fund. 

  4. "Pensions 2020" – A Lackluster Reform 

    On September 24, the Swiss will vote on the "Pensions 2020" reform package. The reform was passed by the Federal Assembly (by a very slim majority) in March 2017 and is aimed at ensuring the financial stability of the Swiss pension system for the next ten years. At the same time, the goal is to maintain pension levels and bring the pension system more in line with new social realities. Despite the changes planned for the first and second pillars, additional measures will likely be needed in the next few years to ensure financial stability. 

  5. Pension provision for self-employed people

    Avoiding Pension Gaps for Self-Employed Women 

    What do I need to know about pension provision if I'm self-employed? Is retirement provision different for women over 40 than for those over 50? Generally speaking, what do women need to keep in mind for their finances? Dr. med. dent Sandra Saulacic-Perunski – a self-employed dentist from Geuensee – decided to get advice on retirement planning from Daniel Egli. In this interview, they each describe their experience. 

  6. Pension provision for employees

    The General Rule of Pension Provision Is: Waiting Is Not a Good Strategy 

    "When should you start making deposits for your retirement?" "How can you best save money for your retirement?" "To what extent is private pension provision possible?" Customized retirement planning provides the answers. Dr. Sabina Gallati from the University Hospital of Bern was advised by financial planner Davide Coppola. Both of them talk about their experiences in this interview. 

  7. Increase in Part-Time Work Puts Pension System to the Test

    Increase in Part-Time Work Puts Pension System to the Test

    Part-time work is especially prevalent in Switzerland, particularly among women. However, it has also shown a consistent increase among men in recent years. This development poses a serious challenge to the current pension system.

  8. For a happy retirement. Handelszeitung: The Big Pillar 3a Securities Comparison

    Handelszeitung: Major Comparison of Pillar 3a Securities 

    In the major comparison of pillar 3a securities conducted by Handelszeitung, Credit Suisse was one of the few banks to be rated "good". Credit Suisse, with its CSA Mixta-BVG investment groups, was the only institute to be included in the test winners in two categories. Credit Suisse took a top spot in the preceding two years, too.

  9. How Important Is the Second Pillar to Your Financial Situation in Later Years?

    An analysis by Credit Suisse economists shows that the proportion of the Swiss population covered by employee benefits insurance has risen from generation to generation. Even so, only for the higher-income brackets – including for the younger generation of retirees – is the second pillar a key component of income.

  10. Pension Fund Study: Low Interest Rates and Redistribution Are Putting Pressure to Act

    Pension Fund Study: Low Interest Rates and Redistribution Are Putting Pressure to Act

    Credit Suisse has conducted a survey of nearly 200 Swiss pension funds. The greatest challenge named by participants continues to be the prevailing low interest rate environment. Demographic change and an excessive minimum conversion rate also rank among the main concerns of pension funds.