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  1. 3rd pillar, financial planning for retirement, pension provision in Switzerland, 2017 maximum amount

    What You Need to Know About the 3rd Pillar 

    What exactly is the 3rd pillar? What is the maximum amount people can deposit for 2017? Where and how can people voluntarily save up retirement capital? And starting when and under what conditions are you allowed to withdraw money from the private pension provision? Those are the most important facts for the 3rd pillar. 

  2. Maximum amounts pillar 3a

    Pillar 3a – Maximum Amounts for 2017, 2018

    Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) and employee benefits insurance (BVG) only cover 60 to 70 percent of the previous household income after retirement. Those who do not want to give up their accustomed standard of living in their old age should therefore contribute to Pillar 3a every year. 

  3. Pension account and saving with securities

    Pillar 3a: Securities Offer More Potential Returns Over the Long Run Than a Pension Account 

    The private pension provision (third pillar) is a supplement to government and employee benefits insurance. It also makes sense from a tax perspective. Due to persistently low interest rates, pension accounts have lost some of their appeal in recent years. Anyone getting an early start on their pension provision can potentially obtain larger returns by using a security solution. 

  4. Save on taxes with Pillar 3a

    How Much Tax Can I Save with Pillar 3a?

    It's worth it – there are tax advantages with payments into pillar 3a. The free online calculator shows the tax savings for payments into pillar 3a.

  5. Employee benefits insurance in the case of more than one job – things to bear in mind.

    Employee Benefits Insurance: What Do I Need to Bear in Mind If I Have More Than One Job?

    Despite having a regular income, many employees who work for several employers do not earn enough to be directly subject to statutory BVG insurance. However, they also need to provide for their retirement. What solutions are available for this in employee benefits insurance?

  6. Advance directive – the key terms

    Eight Terms Relating to Advance Directives That You Should Know

    Child and adult protection legislation makes it possible for a legally competent person to set out in advance their wishes and instructions in the event that they lose the capacity to make rational decisions due to an accident, serious illness, or infirmity related to old age. Here you will find the key terms relating to advance directives.

  7. Last will – 12 tips

    How to Write a Will. The 12 Most Important Tips.

    Does a will have to be handwritten? Can I disinherit my children? How do I ensure that my wife can continue to live in our house after my death?

  8. Calculating Taxes on Lump-Sum Withdrawals

    Online Calculator: How Is My Lump-Sum Withdrawal Taxed?

    Lump-sum withdrawals are subject to tax – a factor that needs to be considered when planning your retirement. Our Online Calculator tells you how much in an instant.

  9. The Five Most Popular Articles

    The Guide at One Year: The Five Most Popular Articles 

    The Credit Suisse guide, which is available online in four languages, has been offering key tips on personal financial planning for about a year. Well over 100 articles have been added to this platform over the months. Below are the top five most widely read articles.

  10. Hundreds of Thousands of People Could Still Purchase Pension Benefits

    Approximately 800 billion Swiss francs are currently held in second pillar pension funds. It could be much more if pension fund members were to voluntarily purchase additional benefits in their pension fund.