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With inheritance planning from Credit Suisse, you determine the future of your assets, that everything is arranged according to your wishes.

Inheritance planning with you in mind.

"She has so much of me in her. And one day, I want to pass on my wealth as well."

Whom do I want as beneficiaries? What does a legally valid will have to contain? What are the applicable legal regulations? Is it better to make individual arrangements? No one likes thinking about these issues, but if you take care of this uncertainty in good time, you'll be on the safe side and prepared for any eventuality – for instance with an advance directive, will, and possibly a marriage and inheritance agreement. Let us advise you – the sooner, the better.

Advance directives

An advance directive helps you make provisions in good time in case you are no longer able to make decisions one day due to an accident, severe illness, or old age. In the directive, you decide who will make the decisions for you if necessary. The following video explains briefly and simply what you have to keep in mind for an advance directive.

Advance directives, simply explained.

Learn all about advance directives.

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