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The Swiss tax system offers numerous optimization methods. Our tax specialists will show you how to use these methods to your advantage.

Our tax specialists will help you find all optimization methods in the Swiss tax system: We analyze your overall tax situation and show you how assets, liabilities, succession solutions, estate planning, and the withdrawal of pension capital can be optimized from a tax point of view. This can significantly reduce your tax burden in the short, medium, and long term.

Save taxes with the 3rd pillar

Saving with Pillar 3a offers attractive tax advantages: Contributions can be deducted from your taxable income (up to the statutory maximum amount). You pay no wealth, income, or withholding tax throughout the entire term of the pension plan. On payout, the capital is taxed at a reduced rate and separately from the rest of your income.
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Pillar 3a maximum amounts

Maximum amounts for 2017:

  • for employed persons with a pension fund: CHF 6,768
  • for employed persons without a pension fund: 20% of net earned income, maximum CHF 33,840

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