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Inheritance Consulting

No one likes to think about being gone one day, or no longer able to exercise judgment. However, only by making the necessary preparations today can you rest easy tomorrow, knowing that everything's been taken care of.

Our inheritance planning will outline the legal framework conditions so you can organize your personal, family, and business situation just the way you want it.
Our experts will analyze your assets and liabilities, and determine how you can provide for your beneficiaries as you wish. They take into account heirs who receive compulsory portions and various family forms, company situations, and their effect on your estate.

If you plan your estate well in advance, you can include future heirs and provide a solid basis for agreement on how to divide the estate. Endowments during your lifetime, charitable donations, and the consequences of changing your domicile or company succession can also be planned for the long term and tailored perfectly to your needs. You can also appoint the executor of your last will and testament.

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