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Latest Mortgage Interest Rate Forecasts

Our latest forecasts on mortgage interest rate development in Switzerland and our recommendation for your mortgage solution.

Little Change in Mortgage Interest Rates

Switzerland's economy is likely to grow at a slightly faster pace in 2016 than it did last year. Inflation remains in negative territory, but with base effects petering out is likely to slowly move back toward zero. This will allow the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to continue putting the development of the Swiss franc at the forefront of monetary policy and to leave key interest rates at their current level.

Optimal Combination of Security and Flexibility

Combining mortgage products is a good way to obtain an optimum mix of security and flexibility: it reduces exposure to interest rate changes to a limited portion of the mortgage, and at the same time allows you to benefit from the fact that short-term interest rates remain low. Concluding several fixed-rate mortgages with differing terms reduces the risk of having to extend the whole mortgage amount in a "high-interest rate phase".

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