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We help you with real estate financing

Real estate financing

We provide you with expert information on all aspects of real estate financing. You can get an overview on topics such as equity capital, mortgage repayment, and optimizing taxes.

Financing Home Ownership

Get an overview of how to proceed when financing your own home and how our financing experts can support you in doing so.

Equity Capital and Affordability

Adequate equity capital is the foundation of your dream home. Our financing experts will show you how best to use your capital.

Use of Pension Capital

You can obtain equity capital from the 2nd or 3rd pillar – we will explain your options to you.

Term Staggering

By staggering your terms correctly, you can reduce the risk of your mortgage extension happening when interest rates are high.

Repayment and Optimizing Taxes

Compare direct and indirect repayment, and let us advise you on which form is more beneficial for you.

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