General Information

Forward Fix Mortgage

If you want to secure today's attractive interest rates for tomorrow's mortgage: You can hedge against increasing interest rates with a Forward fix mortgage.

A Forward Fix Mortgage Is Suited to the Following Situations

  • Because the interest rate is attractive given the current interest rate environment, you intend to fix your mortgage interest rates today for a later period
  • You would like to budget a fixed interest rate for the entire term
  • Mortgage interest rates are expected to rise sharply

Features of the Forward Fix Mortgage

Features of the Forward Fix MortgageThe Forward fix mortgage is defined by a fixed interest rate for a fixed term and a fixed amount. It can be taken out 36 months in advance. No interest costs are incurred during the waiting period.


Minimum amount:

CHF 100,000


2 to 15 years (including waiting period)

Interest rate:

As per your individual offer

Example of Interest Rate Development

Forward Fix Mortgage

Additional Information

  • Whereas adjustable interest rates change according to market conditions, the interest on a Forward fix mortgage (a type of fixed-rate mortgage) remains the same throughout the entire term.
  • You can choose direct or indirect repayment. More information is available here: Mortgage Repayment
  • The Forward fix mortgage is suitable if you expect a higher interest rate when your mortgage is due to be paid or if you expect to extend your current mortgage
  • A Forward fix mortgage is not suitable if interest rates are expected to fall

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