General Information

Construction Loan

For financing during the construction phase: With a construction loan, you will be issued a credit limit that you can use flexibly.

A Construction Loan Is Suited to the Following Situations

  • You need a credit line that you can use flexibly in order to pay invoices related to your building project (e.g. contractor bills) as they become due
  • You would like a high degree of flexibility in converting the construction loan into a mortgage

Features of the Construction Loan

With a construction loan, invoices for construction costs during the construction phase are processed flexibly within the credit limit granted.


Minimum amount:

CHF 100,000


During the construction phase or maximum of two years

Credit commission:

0.25% per quarter on the maximum amount utilized

Interest rate:

As per your individual offer (current mortgage interest rates here)

The construction loan works like this:

You contribute your own capital. This is used for purchasing the building plot, renovations, etc. Then you use the construction loan to pay the ongoing costs.

Construction Loan

Additional Information

  • The construction loan is suitable for:
    - Securing capital for the purchase of building land as well as for new builds and renovations
    - Securing capital for renovating residential or commercial property
  • The construction loan is initially managed as a current account credit. It is converted into a mortgage (so-called consolidation) once construction is completed, if not before
  • Partial consolidation is possible: For this, you can convert the construction loan to a mortgage during the construction phase when a suitable amount has been reached

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