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Mortgage Models

You'll find more information here about attractive solutions for financing your own home – tailored to fit your needs.

What you need to know about structuring a mortgage

Structuring a mortgage is very important as you can save money in the long run with the careful selection of mortgage model and term. This video describes simply and succinctly what you need to be aware of and why you can relax thanks to mortgage advice from Credit Suisse.

Mortgage Models


Current Mortgage Interest Rates

The interest rates listed are indicative values. They apply to first-class, owner-occupied residential properties and borrowers with impeccable creditworthiness. Interest rates are subject to change. All information is supplied without guarantee.

Mortgage Models

Fix Mortgage

The mortgage for property owners who want to set their interest costs for the entire term.

Forward Fix Mortgage

The financing solution that allows you to benefit from today's attractive interest rate environment by setting your mortgage interest rates now for a subsequent period.

Flex Rollover Mortgage

The LIBOR mortgage for real-estate owners who want to benefit fully from interest rate reductions and can handle any fluctuations.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

The mortgage for real-estate owners who wish to benefit from market movements and can handle the risks involved.

Construction Loan

The financing option for real estate owners who need capital for building plots, new construction, and property conversions or renovations.

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