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  1. Between two homes  - Two Mortgages. Advice from CS.

    Between Two Homes: Complex Transitional Financing

    If you own your own home, you could be confronted at any time by events that turn into complex financing problems. Cases in point are the purchase of a new home, or the separation of married couples with a joint mortgage. Risk protection is valuable in these instances. However, frequently even this is of no help. The financial barriers often seem insurmountable, as the following example shows. 

  2. When you inherit real estate, you need good advice.

    When Inheriting Real Estate Becomes a Challenge

    Inheriting real estate is not always a blessing. It can also overwhelm the heir, as seen in the following situation.

  3. Renovating and Upgrading: Considerations for Planning Work on Your Home

    Renovating and Upgrading: Considerations for Planning Work on Your Home

    Renovations are the latest thing among homeowners. To make your renovation project a success, a lot of questions need to be answered and decisions made in advance. The main questions you need to ask are: "What do I want to upgrade, how much will it cost, and how am I going to pay for it?" Architects and builder-owner advisors can assist with planning, and real estate appraisers can help determine the property's value after the renovation.

  4. CS - Real Estate Monitor Switzerland, Q4 2016

    Real Estate Monitor Switzerland, Q4 2016

    The Brexit vote last June and the recent upset in the US presidential election have showed once again that political events can shape not only exchange rates and interest-rate levels but also the Swiss real estate market. In contrast to the political arena, the real estate markets appear to have little potential to surprise next year. Rather, the current trends should stay on track. Respectable returns in the real estate market will continue to attract investors in 2017, encouraging ongoing output of floor space.  

  5. How to Make the Dream of Home Ownership Come True

    Anyone wishing to buy an apartment or house needs to meet the equity and affordability criteria. Credit Suisse is at your side with a network of regionally anchored mortgage experts to review the feasibility and individual financing for you.

  6. How to get a mortgage?

    Once you decide to by your own property, it is vital to understand how a mortgage works, how much savings you need to bring to the table and what is really affordable for you. These short movies are designed to give you a good overview.

  7. How to buy residential property as a newcomer to Switzerland?

    Authorization, financing, affordability, repayment – if you are planning to purchase residential property in Switzerland, you should first get an idea of what is required. Learn here why good advice is essential to making the right decisions from the very beginning.

  8. Understand and Stay Abreast of Interest Rate Movements

    Concluding or extending a mortgage has an impact on your financial situation. A key factor here is the mortgage interest. It is therefore a good idea to look into interest-rate developments early on and structure the mortgage properly. However, the right mortgage solution is heavily dependent on your own individual requirements, as well as on your risk ability and risk tolerance.

  9. What Does My Dream Home Cost?

    Looking for the right financing for your residential property? Using our online financing inquiry, you can request a personal offer around the clock with little effort.

  10. Swiss real estate market 2016

    Low interest rates and a modest increase in real incomes constitute a fundamentally positive backdrop to the demand for owner-occupied housing in 2016. Demand will additionally be supported by the home-ownership aspirations of immigrants who have settled in Switzerland.