Private Clients Finance Your Own Home with Credit Suisse

Finance Your Own Home with Credit Suisse

Specific information and tips that are easy to comprehend are crucial to ensuring a basic understanding of real estate financing. Professional advice is essential and a valuable basis for making the right decision.

Financing Your Own Home

There are many options for financing when purchasing or renovating a house or an apartment. As such, personal and knowledgeable advice on mortgages is absolutely essential.

A good guide and helpful tips will make it easier to take the first step toward financing your own home. On the following pages, you will find extensive useful information for understanding mortgages. Our financing experts are available to discuss your personal circumstances in a consultation.


People who are able to find and choose their perfect mortgage solution will be happy for years to come. Because financing needs to have a solid foundation in order to fulfill the dream of home ownership for good.

In the table titled "Mortgages," you will find a brief summary on our products, duration, and amortization. You can learn the basic principles here, regardless of whether you are taking out your first mortgage, extending your mortgage, or increasing it.

Would you like to transfer your mortgage to Credit Suisse? Contact us straight away. Our financing experts are glad to help.

Your Mortgage Guide

In this guide, you will find detailed information on first mortgages and on increasing or extending an existing mortgage. You can take advantage of Credit Suisse's expertise throughout Switzerland, a number of tips, and sample solutions for financing scenarios.

Expert Advice

Good financing for your own home requires the correct structuring of your mortgage model and term. The main focus should be not just on optimum interest rates. You can receive a personalized solution from the skilled advice of our financing experts. Their goal is to ensure long-term affordability. Because a mortgage is something you sign onto for several years. 

Our certified financing experts have extensive expertise and are regionally based. This means they are familiar with local events and can provide you with appropriate assistance.

Satisfied clients

Place your trust in our clients. For the fourth year in a row, they stated in our annual survey that they are highly satisfied with our mortgage advice. In response to the question "How satisfied are you overall with the advisory consultations with your mortgage experts at Credit Suisse?" 85% of those surveyed were "very satisfied" or "extremely satisfied." On the basis of our internal ratings scale, we scored 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars (December 2016 to December 2017: 876 respondents).

Help from experts on all financial matters

Depending on the situation, our mortgage experts will also consult with other experts, e.g. in pension provision or taxes, to ensure you receive good advice all around.

Tools and Contact

In order to assist you with your financing decisions, we have developed some tools for you. Our calculator will help you to decide where to live and to calculate whether you can afford a mortgage in general. Prepare the checklists for your personal consultations with our financing experts. You can also find the current mortgage interest rates here.

Mortgage Advice

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