Strategy Our Investment Process Helps You Choose Your Stocks

Our Investment Process Helps You Choose Your Stocks

The key to success when choosing investments is a thorough investment process. Our criteria for investments show you the current market opportunities and your personal investment strategy is always taken into account.

Our Investment Process Helps You Choose

Which Investments? – Our Investment Process Helps You Choose

The amount of investment instruments available is vast and everybody wants to know what suits their portfolio best. Private investors who want to participate in selecting their stocks are also reliant on receiving comprehensive information.

Credit Suisse offers the expertise required and is part of a global network. Various specialists focus on the selection of investment instruments. For equities and bonds, for example, a global network of analysts analyzes several thousand companies.

Personal Investment Criteria

For investment funds, fund analysts evaluate the products in a multi-stage process and select the best from each category. In doing so, they do not differentiate between products offered by the bank and products offered by other providers. The selected funds are looked at in more detail after they have been purchased. This means that clients can be offered an extensive product range.

As well as specialist expertise, your personal situation is also taken into consideration during the investment process. Your advisor will help you select investments that meet your requirements and are suitable for you. In the investment process, criteria for investments are defined in accordance with your strategy, where the advantages and disadvantages of the various investments are carefully considered.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Products – An Overview

  • Funds are broadly diversified
  • Equity as a long-term investment
  • Regular interest payments with bonds
  • Opportunities with alternative instruments
  • Structured products – opportunities and risks

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