Strategy Good Reasons for Investing

Good Reasons for Investing

There are many reasons to make investments. If you have a clear objective in mind and select the right strategy, you can invest successfully in the long term. The decisive factor here is to consider both your personal needs and financial requirements.

Five Good Reasons for Making Investments

Why Invest Money?
Five Good Reasons for Making Investments

The reasons for investing are different for everyone, varying according to life situation and personality. Some investors want to save money, some want to protect their assets, and others want to increase their capital. Ensuring a provision for old age or purchasing a house are also at the forefront of reasons for investing.

Compared with traditional savings accounts, you can often achieve a much higher return with financial investments. Investments are therefore particularly attractive in the long term, for example, as a savings plan. This, however, is only one of five reasons why financial investments can be worthwhile.

Many investors want to profit directly from the success of companies. Equities are the right investment option for this purpose. Although share prices can be subject to strong fluctuations in the short term, they are suitable for long-term investments because these fluctuations are balanced out over time, making higher returns possible.

As an alternative to the low interest offered by savings accounts, investors are looking for investment options that provide a return as well as security. With the right strategy, it is possible to find these alternatives on the financial markets.

Many private individuals want to make an investment primarily to increase their assets and are prepared to take a certain amount of risk. For this, equities or investment funds offer promising returns in the long term.

An extended trip, education, your own home, or provision for old age – investments are a great way to achieve a specific savings target. This is because, unlike in a piggy bank, your assets can grow in value. A good option here is a fund savings plan.

For many people, sustainability is an increasingly important issue – this also applies to financial investments. Today, investors have the option to specifically invest in sustainable companies. This means that they can rule out companies that violate human rights or invest only in companies committed to environmentally friendly practices.

Investments Are Influenced by Three Factors

Every individual has different motives for investing. The most important three factors determining financial investments are security, returns, and time. An investment will only be worthwhile once all three factors align.

Therefore, ask yourself the following questions: How long can I invest my capital for? What return am I hoping to achieve? What level of security do I require? Credit Suisse can support you with its proven advisory service.

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