Services Invest and Trade Online with Online Banking

Invest and Trade Online with Online Banking

Thanks to digital banking at Credit Suisse, you can stay abreast of your portfolio and actively track its development. This innovative technology allows you to invest securely online and buy or sell securities independently.

Trading online

Online Investing – Trade Securities Yourself

Looking for a simple and transparent way to buy and sell securities whenever you wish, wherever you are? Digital banking from Credit Suisse is the answer!

By using Online Banking on your computer or Mobile Banking on your tablet/smartphone, you can keep close tabs on your investment portfolio. You won't miss a beat, because you'll have access to portfolio monitoring and analysis features.

You can track developments online, or handle investments and payments without your RM. Investment advisors are available for further questions and can help you find and execute the right strategy.

What Makes Investing Online So Secure?

Online Banking at Credit Suisse is based on triple encryption. Along with your user ID and password, SecureSign shows you an image. Only you can decrypt these with the app. Here are some other ways to ensure online banking is safe.

Use a secure internet connection

Protect your internet access at home and the office with a secure password. Never log on to Online Banking using an unsecured internet connection.

Protect your computer from viruses

Install an anti-virus program on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Conduct regular updates and activate the firewall.

Never share passwords

Credit Suisse will never ask for your password by email or phone. Delete any phishing emails and do not share your information.

Report any suspicious activities

Contact our Support line if you see anything suspicious or accidentally share your information.