Services Periodic Investment Tips from the Experts

Periodic Investment Tips from the Experts

If you want to actively exploit investment opportunities, we offer you periodic investment recommendations and research publications according to the investment solution. Customized investment proposals indicate where you can best invest and help you to continually optimize your portfolio.

Personalized investment ideas and tips from the experts

Personalized Investment Ideas and Tips from the Experts

As an interested investor, you would like to be kept informed about market developments and opportunities for your portfolio. Depending on the investment solution we will provide you with regular information and investment recommendations tailored to your needs.

Apart from direct contact with the relationship manager and publications from our Research unit, we offer you additional services based on your investment package, such as current information on portfolio quality or invitations to exclusive specialist events.

You also receive investment ideas from our Global Chief Investment Office directly once a month. We provide you with market assessments on the CIO page.

First-hand Information at Exclusive Events

Would you like to receive first-hand information from experts and interact with specialists and other investors? We provide personal contact at our specialist events. We offer you our current market assessment and show you how we are reacting to it. You also receive valuable investment ideas and useful tips on how to invest your money even more effectively.

Extract from Our Perspectives Event Series

Focus on Credit Suisse Invest Partner

Credit Suisse provides up-to-date information on the current market situation and creates implementation suggestions for your investment portfolio based on this data – with specific product recommendations.

Focus on Credit Suisse Invest Mandate

During this event, clients receive exclusive access to investment strategy experts who reflect on investment decisions in retrospect and demonstrate how the market assessment is implemented in the mandates.

Focus on Credit Suisse Invest Expert

Our market assessment is presented during this event. The key issue is based on current market events.

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