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  1. how-to-invest-affordably-in-equities

    Three affordable ways to invest in equities 

    Investors are often looking for affordable ways to invest in equities. Drop-back certificates and private equity funds are good options for this. They provide a comprehensive investment solution through prudent asset management. 

  2. Swiss equities should continue to be strongly weighted

    Six Reasons to Keep Favoring Swiss Equities 

    Swiss equities currently show above-average dividend yields. Nevertheless, there are six reasons for which they can still be favored. 

  3. impact-of-increasing-cyberattacks-on-the-cybertechnology-industry

    How Is Digital Security Advancing in the 21st Century?

    Cyberattacks are a growing threat to our society. New technologies can help enhance digital security and thus present exciting investment opportunities. 

  4. investments-in-switzerland-are-among-the-worlds-most-successful

    Investments in Switzerland: a global success story 

    Whether equities, government bonds or Swiss francs – many investments made in Switzerland develop particularly positively. Ten observations on financial market history show which investments are amongst the best in the world due to their returns or risk profile. 

  5. central-banks-cautiously-tighten-monetary-policy

    Central Banks Cautiously Reverse Loose Monetary Policy 

    The central banks loosened their monetary policy significantly because of the financial crisis. The plan now is for it to return to normal through cautious tapering. But this will happen slowly to avoid putting too much pressure on the financial markets.

  6. Eleven Equity Danger Signals That Investors Should Pay Attention To 

    If equities suddenly crash, this can signify serious losses for investors. That's why you should pay attention to these eleven danger signals that can indicate a turning point on the equity markets.  

  7. Invest Your Money Meaningfully and Profitably with Microfinance 

    Microfinance pays off in two ways as a financial investment, because it not only generates a financial return for you. With microfinance, you also help people in emerging and developing countries earn a living by starting their own small businesses. 

  8. How low can the CHF go?

    The potential for a further fall in the CHF/EUR exchange rate seems limited – a discussion on the likely targets for the CHF exchange rate and the factors supporting positive forecasts. 

  9. Renewable Energy: Investments to Combat Climate Change

    Renewable Energy – An Investment in Human Welfare and Nature

    Global warming is still on the rise. Renewable energies are among the key tools for limiting this climate change, so investors benefit twice over from alternative investments in clean energy sources.

  10. Investing in September: Our Forecast in Brief 

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors in brief: The global economic recovery remains robust. The weakening of the CHF is positive for Switzerland's economy and stock market. However, we feel there is limited scope for further weakening.