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  1. optimistic-investors-have-more-success

    Nine Reasons for Investors to Be Optimistic

    There are good reasons for being optimistic as an investor. One is the self-fulfilling prophecy. But even hard facts speak for a positive stock market performance over the next few years. Inflation is weak and the global economy should continue to drive the prices of equities. 

  2. outlook-2018-a-disciplined-approach-is-more-reliable-than-price-forecasts

    Outlook for 2018: Market Prices Are Difficult to Predict

    Although the future remains uncertain, we can safely assume that on January 1 another new year will begin. For most investors, the big question is what the new year might bring. 2017 was a good year for the markets – will it be followed by a bad year? Possibly. But it is equally possible that it will be another good year. 

  3. Make Attractive Investments Outside the Stock Exchanges with Private Equity

    Private Equity - Attractive Investment Opportunity Outside the Stock Exchange 

    Alternative investments such as private equity are playing an increasingly important role in the stabilization and diversification of portfolios – especially in the current environment of low interest and low yields. How does private equity work and how can private investors invest in it?

  4. supertrends-such-as-infrastructure-or-technology-are-readily-overlooked

    Pay Attention: Keeping an Eye on the Trends of the Future

    Sometimes, we can no longer see the forest for the trees. This is also the case with supertrends. Infrastructure, technology, silver economy, and millennials are important investment themes. However, they are often overlooked because other headlines muscle their way into the foreground. 

  5. investments-in-november-overweight-in-japanese-equities

    Investments in November: Our Forecast in Brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. The good economic situation is supporting the equity markets. However, normalization of monetary policy and high valuations are limiting the upside potential. 

  6. diversification-brings-a-better-risk-return-profile

    Thanks to Diversification, You Can Improve the Risk/Return Profile of Your Investments

    Equity markets have been on a bullish trend for more than eight years – making it the longest since their 13-year run prior to the millennium. But to conclude that we should either invest everything in equities or get out now would be too simplistic. Diversification is particularly important now to increase the return associated with the constant expectation of risk or to generate the same return with lower risk.

  7. digitalization-and-demographic-change-hold-opportunities-and-risks

    Digitalization and Demographic Change Are Driving Growth 

    Digitalization is proceeding apace, as is demographic change. These trends will affect the business performance of numerous sectors in the coming years. The most likely beneficiaries will be the information technology (IT) and healthcare sectors.

  8. Renewable-energy-and-water-benefit-from-the-infrastructure-trend

    Infrastructure Boom Promotes Investments in Water and Energy

    Governments invest in state infrastructure to stimulate the economy. In many places, transport infrastructure is given top priority. However, even more money is flowing in the energy and water sectors. For example, renewable energies are the current trend. Investors can also benefit elsewhere. 

  9. The Global Economy Is Running Hot

    The global economy is running hot. Growth is at its strongest in more than 20 years. The economy is growing particularly strongly in the emerging markets. But other countries are also benefiting. And it looks as if the peak is yet to come. 

  10. pension-funds-must-assume-greater-risk-and-focus-more-on-equities

    Pension schemes must earn more – and assume greater risk

    Our society is experiencing a “senior surge” that brings sweeping changes in consumer behavior, healthcare, infrastructure, politics – and in the investment strategies of many pension schemes. In the future, pension funds will have to achieve higher returns and therefore assume greater risk.