Investment Solutions Credit Suisse Invest Partner - for Demanding Investors

Credit Suisse Invest Partner - for Demanding Investors

With Credit Suisse Invest Partner, you, as a demanding investor, benefit from active advice and regular portfolio monitoring. This enables you to seize opportunities and identify risks.

Invest Solution Partner

Identify Opportunities and Risks at an Early Stage

As a demanding investor, you want constant monitoring of your portfolio and active advice in order to seize market opportunities. You want to protect your capital and be informed of risks. And all this from a central point of contact.

With Credit Suisse Invest Partner, we offer you an investment solution in which your personal relationship manager supports you in all investment matters. You will constantly receive tips on portfolio quality so that you may identify any risks at an early stage and seize opportunities.

Constant Monitoring of Portfolio Quality

You receive in-depth research publications and analyses of market developments from our global investment experts. You will thus have detailed insight into trends and investment opportunities and stay informed as an investor.

Four times a year, you receive a comprehensive report on portfolio performance. In Online Banking, the portfolio quality is also calculated on a daily basis.

The Risks

No guarantees

Investment advisory services provide no guarantee of positive returns

Responsibility remains with the client

The client retains responsibility for investment decisions according to the advisory agreement

Risks of individual investment instruments

You will find information on the risks related to the individual investment instruments in the respective product documents

Service components of Credit Suisse Invest Partner

Support and Interaction
Personal advisor
Strategic review and outlook meeting [1 x per year]
Sophisticated advisory process
Investment strategies based on individual needs, risk preferences, and risk profile
Suitability test (e. g. evaluation of whether product is suitable for client’s risk tolerance)
Access to additional product experts
Financial planning at a preferential price

Monitoring and Reporting
Portfolio Monitoring
Portfolio review: Daily assessment of portfolio quality (available online)
Portfolio quality report (analysis of portfolio quality based on multiple factors) [4 x per year]
Portfolio quality alerts via text message, email, or letter [Ongoing]
Performance Reporting
Standard Investment Report: Comprehensive information about all investments and their development [4 x per year]
Online overview of the performance of your investments (choice of different time horizons)
Impact simulation of historic market events on the investment portfolio performance
Tax statement included

Ideas and Services
Investment Ideas, Trends, and Market Developments
Publications: "Investment Monthly", "Partner Newsletter"
Access to strategic investment ideas via personal advisor and online banking
Portfolio review with customized trading recommendations for portfolio optimization [Multiple times per year
(as needed)]
Chief Investment Officer video and audio webcast on market developments
Event-based telephone conferences
Invitations to exclusive investment-related events
Online Offering & Trading
Comprehensive and secure online banking: Overview of all your assets
Functions on portfolio monitoring via online banking
Efficient platform for fast and secure trading on more than 60 stock exchanges worldwide
Prompt implementation of client instructions and corporation actions (e. g. capital increase, stock split)

Pricing and Transparency
Simple and transparent pricing
Attractive transaction fees
Access to retrocession-free investment funds

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