Investment Solutions Credit Suisse Invest Mandate – Your Investment Strategy Optimally Implemented

Credit Suisse Invest Mandate – Your Investment Strategy Optimally Implemented

With Credit Suisse Invest Mandate, you choose the long-term investment strategy. Our investment experts handle the analysis of financial markets, as well as professional implementation and monitoring for you. You thus receive broad investment knowledge and full-service professional asset management.

Invest Solution Mandate

Professional Asset Management

Would you like to entrust the management of your assets to experts instead of constantly analyzing financial markets and making investment decisions yourself? Then Credit Suisse Invest Mandate is the ideal investment solution for you.

Your Portfolio Is Constantly Managed and Monitored

With our assistance, you define your individual investment strategy to fit your investment objectives.

Our experienced investment experts will then take over the professional active management of your assets. In this way, you are drawing on the firm's investment expertise and the global investment network of Credit Suisse. Based on your investment strategy and our structured and reliable investment process, these experts take advantage of short- to long-term market openings, and are therefore in a position to seize any investment opportunities that present themselves. At the same time, they constantly review the investments and optimize your assets with regard to risk and return. Independent risk management ensures that your portfolio is in line with your investment strategy at all times and that the investment guidelines are complied with.

You retain control over your investments at all times thanks to regular and detailed reports as well as the annual discussion with your client advisor.

The Risks

No guarantees

Asset management provides no guarantee of positive returns

No guaranteed returns

The returns depend on the selected asset classes and correct market assessment by the bank or portfolio manager

Risks of individual investment instruments

You will find information on the risks related to individual investment instruments in the respective product documents

Documentation for Discretionary Mandates (PDF)

Service components of Credit Suisse Invest Mandate

Support and Interaction

Personal advisor
Portfolio manager
Strategic review and outlook meeting [1 x per year]
Sophisticated advisory process
Financial planning at a preferential price

Monitoring and Reporting
Portfolio constantly monitored and optimized by portfolio manager
Standard Investment Report: Comprehensive information about all investments and their development [4 x per year]
Online overview of the performance of your investments (choice of different time horizons)
Tax statement included

Ideas and Services
Investment Ideas, Trends, and Market Developments
Publications: “Mandates Quarterly”
Swift response to market opportunities by a global team of investment experts
Chief Investment Officer video and audio webcast on market developments
Event-based telephone conferences
Invitations to exclusive investment-related events
Online Offering & Safekeeping Account Management
Comprehensive and secure online banking: Overview of all your assets
Interest, dividends, redemptions, or maturities are promptly credited to your account

Pricing and transparenc
Simple and transparent pricing
Access to retrocession-free investment funds

We will work with you to find the perfect solution for you

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