Credit Suisse TWINT TWINT for corporate clients

TWINT for corporate clients

TWINT lets your customers pay securely and conveniently using their smartphones, whether in online shops, at cash registers, at vending machines, or on the go. Both you and your customers can benefit from attractive added marketing value.

Credit Suisse, in cooperation with TWINT and SIX Payment Services, offers a modern and simple payment infrastructure, alongside the usual means of payment such as credit and debit cards, that enables you to reach new customers and meet their needs.

Main Advantages

TWINT offers you as a company

  • a wide range of payment solutions, for example in online shops, at cash registers, at vending machines, and in the App store;
  • a mobile payment solution tailored to the needs of consumers in Switzerland, with a high level of security and data protection conforming to Swiss standards;
  • a simple and inexpensive payment infrastructure;
  • attractive mobile marketing offers to directly address your customers and strengthen customer retention, for example digital loyalty cards, stamp cards, and coupons;
  • an alternative solution to credit and debit cards in order to reach new customers.

With TWINT, your customers can

  • pay in a variety of different ways, such as in online shops, at cash registers, and at vending machines;
  • easily store their customer loyalty cards;
  • benefit from exclusive TWINT offers, thanks to integrated coupons and stamp cards;
  • connect directly to their Credit Suisse bank account, giving them full transparency regarding their spending and income.

Payment Solutions with TWINT

TWINT lets you collect cashless payments for e-commerce, at the cash register, at vending machines, or on the go in a variety of different ways. Payment collection can be integrated into your existing infrastructure according to your needs.

Learn more about the different payment collection methods here.

Registration and Conditions

  • TWINT and SIX Payment Services provide you with the right mobile payment solution for accepting TWINT.
  • Credit Suisse TWINT accepts payments on behalf of Credit Suisse end clients via a directly connected Credit Suisse transaction account in Swiss francs, or via MasterCard and Visa credit cards.
  • The infrastructure and transaction costs depend on the chosen payment solution and the acquiring partner.
  • If you are interested, please contact our partners directly for a quote:
SIX Payment
Services AG