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CSX Mortgage Protection

When extending your mortgage with Credit Suisse, you benefit from straightforward insurance solutions that enable you to comprehensively protect yourself and your family.

Comprehensive protection in almost all situations

Make provision for difficult situations and protect yourself and your family against possible loss of income – whether as a result of unemployment or incapacity to work, or in the event of legal disputes.

CSX Mortgage Protection is offered by Credit Suisse in cooperation with AXA.

Payment protection insurance

Being unemployed or unable to work is not only stressful in personal terms, but can quickly lead to financial difficulties. With payment protection insurance, AXA covers the ongoing monthly costs of the interest and amortization payments of your mortgage with Credit Suisse during this difficult period. This allows you to focus completely on finding a new job or returning to full health.

Legal protection insurance

Whether through a dispute with the neighbors or problems when driving, you can quickly end up in a legal dispute through no fault of your own. Legal protection insurance covers both legal advice and representation in a court case by experienced AXA-ARAG lawyers, as well as court and other costs (e.g. advisory opinions or indemnification of an opposing party’s legal expenses).

Here's how it works:

1. Start the mortgage extension process

Start the process of extending the expiring mortgage in your online banking.

2. Select insurance product

During the extension process, you have the option to select an insurance product.

3. Complete the extension process

After reviewing all the details about the mortgage and the insurance again, you can complete the extension process.

4. Insurance certificate

After completing the extension process, you will receive an insurance certificate promptly by mail or in digital form in your online banking mailbox.


Extend your mortgage in just two minutes

Are you satisfied with your mortgage? It can stay as it is. Then you can extend your mortgage quickly and easily via online banking.

Extend online now


Extending or increasing your mortgage: Our financing offers

Plan with fixed interest rates

Plan with fixed interest rates

Our fixed-rate mortgages offer the greatest possible peace of mind: the Fixed mortgage and the Forward fixed mortgage. Both come with a guaranteed fixed interest rate and fixed term. With the Forward fixed mortgage, you lock in an interest rate for the future.

Flexible solutions

Flexible solutions

If flexibility is important to you, chose the Flex rollover mortgage and specify the term for each tranche during which interest rate adjustments cannot be made. Or choose full flexibility: with the variable-rate mortgage.

Ideal for your construction project

Ideal for your construction project

You'd like to start a construction project and need financing. Our construction loan gives you the freedom to pay your ongoing bills during the construction phase. When everything is completed, we convert your construction loan into a mortgage.