Viva Kids World Viva Kids – Achieving Saving Goal

Viva Kids – Achieving Saving Goal

It's easier to save if you know why you're doing it. Kids want a lot of things, but how can they learn to save and make their dreams reality?

We wanted to know more. That's why we spent time with four kids and their families to find out about their everyday life with Viva Kids and Digipigi and their approach to saving. Read the adventures of Amare, Cédric, Clémence, and Nicole to discover whether Digipigi helped them reach their saving goals.


Cédric, 10 years

Cédric wants a new street hockey stick and is saving diligently for one.
Can he achieve his savings goal and fulfill his wish?


Nicole, 10 years

Nicole has been dreaming of her own violin for a long time.
Accompany Nicole as she saves and see whether she can fulfill her dream.


Amare, 9 years

Amare likes to play football and dreams of having his own soccer net in the garden.
Learn about how he wants to achieve his savings goal.


Clémence, 10 years

Clémence is saving for a Lego-Friends hotel.
Can she manage to achieve her savings goal?