Our Partners A Swiss Hairdryer Conquers the World

A Swiss Hairdryer Conquers the World

The Swiss family firm Solis epitomizes tradition and innovation. In 1933, the company started producing hairdryers in Zurich and since then it has been a constant source of innovation, paving the way for many a well-set hairdo.

Mountains, watches, chocolate – and hairdryers. When the Japanese think of Switzerland, it goes without saying that they also think about hairdryers. But not any old hairdryer – it is the Solis hairdryer that comes to mind. It is the international symbol of the traditional Swiss electrical appliances industry. Individuals, hairdressers, hotel keepers, and business people in the fitness and beauty sectors in more than 40 countries place their trust in the Solis hairdryer. In Japan, for example, the Swiss hairdryer has been a status symbol for decades: "Every self-respecting Japanese hairdresser uses a Solis hairdryer," says Solis CEO Thomas Nauer.

Solis was founded in Zurich in 1908. The researcher Dr. W. Schaufelberger invented an electrical heated cushion to reduce the pain he suffered as a result of rheumatism – the heat pad was born and was then produced and sold by Solis. The company's success story began 25 years later with the development of the first Solis hairdryer.

At that time, the hairdryer was also used to treat rheumatism and gout. But it was in the world of ladies hairdressing that the hairdryer really took off. Hairdressers began conjuring up impressive hairstyles using the hairdryer – whether it was chic waves, lascivious curls or great heights; in terms of styling, the hairdryer was setting new standards.

Today, the Solis Group is much more than a small hairdryer manufacturer in Switzerland. With over 150 electrical appliances for beauty and wellness, the kitchen and air conditioning, the company generates more than half of its sales abroad. At the production site in Mendrisio in the Canton of Ticino, which is also the location of the company's research and development activities, there is no doubt – this is what sets Solis products apart: They are 100% Swiss-made.

What's more: And now the origin of the Solis hairdryer is even more apparent thanks to the new Swissness regulations, meaning that there is now a very discreet Swiss cross on the hairdryer.