Our Partners Calida: Underwear we have confidence in

Calida: Underwear we have confidence in

Calida is one of the leading underwear and lifestyle clothing companies in Switzerland and throughout Europe. The company's spirit of innovation and proven quality have kept it on top, even after 75 years – Happy Birthday, Calida!

It all began with a silk spinning mill on the river Suhre that was powered by the tributary's water flow. In the workshop, Viktor Klaus started out by making mainly knitted clothes. His son came up with the name "Calida" for future production, which is Latin for "warm," and created the logo, which is still valid to this day.

After the company was founded in 1941 by Max Kellenberger and Hans Joachim Palmers, Calida sold its underwear as being "woman's true friend." This was a good idea, because during the war and post-war years, many women had to be self-reliant and were glad to have a little bit of stability. The "underwear guarantee" for women and men worked so well that Calida could afford to offer a lifelong free repair service – a quality commitment that has been Calida's hallmark ever since.

Today the Swiss firm, as the top underwear manufacturer in the world, has the right to use the "Made in Green" label. According to the standards of the OEKO-TEX® certification system, this labels attests that the materials used do not contain any substances that could be harmful, either during manufacturing or when worn. In addition, the label certifies compliance with high social and environmental standards in the manufacturing process, and obliges manufacturers to observe maximum transparency with regard to manufacturing conditions. This is a promise that is becoming increasingly important to fashion-conscious people.

Looking to the future, in addition to high environmental and social standards Calida places particular emphasis on innovative products and new, functional materials. To make you feel good, not just your skin.

What has been developed with a love of experimentation in Sursee for the past 75 years is now being worn in many countries throughout the world – and with particular pleasure by us Swiss. 

Garments for a Sense of Well-being

Our clothing contributes to our sense of well-being – whether underwear, swimwear or everyday clothes. High-quality materials caress our skin and make us feel especially good. Give yourself another special treat: In our Rewards Shop, you will find a number of high-quality products from Calida.