Using Bonviva Myths and Reality – Paying by Credit Card

Myths and Reality – Paying by Credit Card

Whether you're shopping, eating out or on vacation, the Bonviva credit card1 is always a good companion. You can make cashless payments all over the world, collect valuable Bonviva points even when paying smaller amounts, and rely on comprehensive insurance benefits and services. We show you all the advantages of a Bonviva credit card and clear up any doubts.

Credit Cards – a Means of Payment and the Myths

Many people have one, but they are used in quite different ways: Some people prefer to leave their credit card at home and only get it out occasionally, while others always have their credit card on them, use it to pay for everything, collect points, and enjoy the insurance benefits. But aren't there risks associated with using a card all the time? In a Credit Suisse survey of some 6,000 credit card holders, almost a quarter of the respondents said that they had concerns, often relating to security and card acceptance. We looked into these concerns, compiled the seven most common myths, and throw light on the most frequent misconceptions. 

Seven Myths about Credit Cards

1. I don't need a credit card because I don't spend much money

A credit card is not just intended for large amounts. There are real benefits to paying with your Bonviva credit card every day, even for smaller amounts. Whether at the supermarket or when paying for movie or train tickets – for every payment2 you collect valuable points for the Bonviva Rewards Shop. You'll be able to find just the right reward there in exchange for the points you've collected: for example, a voucher, a trolley suitcase for your next vacation, or the latest tech gadgets.

2. But checkout staff think that credit cards are annoying, especially for small amounts.

Definitely not, because it saves them having to count the change in the evening. Many retailers are pleased if their clients pay by credit card.

3. Okay, but paying with a credit card at the checkout takes a lot longer, doesn't it?

On the contrary, with the current generation of devices, paying by credit card takes just a few seconds – even when you have to enter your PIN, it's usually quicker than looking for notes and coins. Using the contactless function for small amounts under CHF 40, it's even quicker. For clients and retailers, it's a win-win situation: No one has to rummage around for coins, businesses can take payments from more clients in a shorter time and thereby keep waiting times to a minimum.

4. Fine, but I'm still not convinced by these benefits!

Whether you're at home, buying something online, or using your credit card to travel, payment by credit card makes everything simpler: You don't have to keep checking if you have enough cash on you. When you're traveling, you spare yourself the inconvenience and financial disadvantages of exchanging cash – with your credit card, you always have the right currency to hand. And if you book your travel directly using your Bonviva credit card, depending on the product, you benefit from different types of insurance3 and services, such as transport accident insurance, luggage insurance or the free Global & Gold Assist emergency service.

Your benefits at a glance: how to get the most out of your credit card

5. That really does sound very good. But if I only pay with my credit card, I'll lose track and will get a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

There are no surprises. With Bonviva, you can check all your credit card transactions via Online Banking. That way, you always keep on top of your expenditure. Even when you're on the move, you can view your Bonviva credit card transactions at any time – with the Swisscard app for tablets and smartphones. What's more, you will also receive a clear statement at the end of the month detailing your credit card spending, allowing you to check each individual item in detail.

6. But despite that, I'd like to avoid the additional costs of paying by credit card.

Basically, no extra fees are charged when paying with a credit card – regardless of the amount. If there are any fees for paying by card, these must be communicated to you before you make your purchase. With certain online shops, there can be additional credit card fees but these are shown in all cases before you click on "Buy." There is a fee for foreign currency transactions – but in return, you always have the right currency on you, you reduce the risk of losing cash, and spare yourself the trouble of exchanging money.

7. For me, paying by credit card is just not secure enough.

Credit cards are still one of the most secure means of payment. What's more, security is constantly being improved – the current chip-and-PIN technology, which Bonviva credit cards are also equipped with, is considered to be fraudproof. On the internet, 3-D Secure ensures even greater security.
However, if you should incur a loss, you are always safe with your Bonviva credit card: In the event of credit card fraud, you will not be held liable if you fulfill your duty of care4 and follow the security recommendations.

So, you can use your credit card without any worries and collect valuable points for the Rewards Shop.