Using Bonviva Traveling with the Bonviva Credit Card

Traveling with the Bonviva Credit Card

The world is full of exciting places just waiting to be discovered. Katrin Huth loves to travel alone. She always has her camera, her smartphone, and her Bonviva credit cards1 with her. The young blogger told us in an interview why she enjoys traveling alone and what needs to be borne in mind.

Solo traveling is in vogue – more and more people are going on vacation alone. One of them is Katrin Huth. During the day, she works as a consultant in a digital agency. In the evening and on weekends, she blogs – about her solo trips too. She's been to New York, Sweden, and Australia. Her favorite destination at the moment is Japan. To start with, it wasn't a conscious decision to travel alone. Rather, her thinking was: "I want to go there, and before I ask anyone else if they want to come with me, I'll just do it. I am doing it for myself," she says, and gives us her three tips for traveling alone:

  1. Take a book with you that is set in your destination
  2. Be brave enough to have at least one really nice meal on your own
  3. Pack your smartphone to keep a record of the trip
Traveling with the Bonviva Credit Card

What is the best thing about traveling on your own?

My experience is that I take in the country, the city, and my surroundings much more intensely when I'm traveling alone. Even years later, I can think myself back to a place and revisit it in my mind. For example, I can spend an hour dreaming about the Blue Mountains although it's already four years since I went hiking there. I was able to focus on that experience so much that it is still very clear even today. I think that's wonderful!

How do you prepare your trips?

When I travel alone, I make sure that I'm going to a safe country. As soon as I know where I'm going, I book the flights and accommodation.
Then I see if there are any concerts on that I'm interested in, and buy tickets, or book a table at a nice restaurant. Generally, when preparing the trip and making bookings I only use my credit card. I find it incredibly practical and, if the worst comes to the worst, the associated insurance benefits come into play.

Bonviva Tips for Travel Arrangements
  • Book your vacation as early as possible to get the best prices.
  • Before your departure, verify your current credit limits and, if necessary, apply for an increase.
  • Verify the country settings for your Maestro card in Online Banking and, if necessary, unblock blocked countries.
  • Go directly to your Online Banking

Do you plan in advance exactly what you're going to do on your trip every day?

No, not at all. I have a few fixed points, but I often just take things as they come. I might come across a nice café and spend three hours sitting there reading and writing my diary. Or I could find an interesting neighborhood and spend the whole day taking photos. What happens to me is always a matter of chance.

In many countries it is not recommended to carry large amounts of cash around with you. How do you deal with that?

I always have my credit card with me, and a certain amount of cash just in case. But only small amounts. I don't have a lot of cash with me at home either; I try to pay for everything with my card. I find it very convenient, especially abroad: I don't have to spend time counting the change in foreign currency or get used to the bank notes.

Don't you have to be very brave to travel alone?

When I travel alone, I mainly go to countries that are safe. Otherwise, you shouldn't worry too much, it's mostly completely unnecessary.
I recommend that everyone should have the courage to travel alone. Of course, I also love traveling with my partner. It's different, but also enjoyable. I think you should do a bit of both!