Using Bonviva Online and Mobile Banking – 20 Years of Processing Banking Business Securely and Conveniently Online 

Online and Mobile Banking – 20 Years of Processing Banking Business Securely and Conveniently Online 

In spring of 1997, Credit Suisse launched the first online banking system in Switzerland: Direct Net. Thus, for the first time, Credit Suisse clients had 24/7 internet access to their bank. Today, 20 years later, the latest version offers quite a few more options and is even easier to use. We will show you its development and present you with interesting innovations.

How It All Began

The Direct Net of 1997.

In 1997, Credit Suisse was the first Swiss bank to enable its clients to carry out banking business on the internet. This pioneer service was called "Direct Net". The homepage already offered a whole range of services, such as an overview of accounts and entries, as well as the possibility of making payments or stock exchange transactions.

Credit Suisse's new online banking.

Twenty years after the first online banking, Credit Suisse Direct offers innovative ways to do banking business. Online banking has evolved, and not just visually. The new welcome page – unlike in 1997 – can be individually set up and configured. Thus, each user sees the functions in the foreground that he or she uses most. The layout can also be customized.

Free of Charge for All Credit Suisse Clients: SecureSign – Even More Online Security for Your Banking Transactions

The new SecureSign process makes logging in to the Credit Suisse Online & Mobile Banking platform even more secure: SecureSign requires no internet or telephone connection. Instead of logging in with an SMS verification code or a SecurID token, simply use your smartphone to scan the colorful mosaic image containing an encrypted verification code. You can set up and use SecureSign for identification on multiple devices (such as your smartphone and tablet). The SecureSign app also works without a SIM card on devices with a camera.

Further information on SecureSign can be found at

Incidentally: You, too, can help keep your data secure. To ensure that you are optimally protected, please be sure to observe our security recommendations.