Using Bonviva Micro-Donations – Small Donation, Big Impact

Micro-Donations – Small Donation, Big Impact

Giving money and doing good? With Micro-Donations, it's really easy and anyone can do it: Simply round up the amount when you pay by card or donate the interest you earn on your savings account – regularly and automatically. In the following interview, Milena Wojslaw explains how the idea of Micro-Donations came about, and how it works.

Can five cents really help? Not on its own, of course; but if enough people donate these small amounts every day, collectively they can make a huge difference. It was this idea that led Milena Wojslaw and her colleagues to develop Credit Suisse Micro-Donations: Whenever you pay with your credit or Maestro card1, you round up the amount for a good cause. Alternatively, you can donate a percentage of the interest that you earn on2 your savings account. You specify the non-profit organization that you want to support, the amount that you round up, and the maximum monthly donation3.

Micro-Donations – Small Donation, Big Impact

"Because we can help"

Milena Wojslaw tells us why this project makes her proud:

Micro-Donations was the winning concept to emerge from the employee ideas factory, the Credit Suisse Innovation Challenge. How did the idea come about?

Many people now use credit cards to pay for their purchases; it is increasingly uncommon to use cash, even for small amounts. It's not generally possible to donate small amounts. The idea was the brainchild of the whole team; I just saw it through to the market viability stage. Now, two years later, we've finally reached our goal.

You're obviously very happy about that. Are you proud, too?

Of course. I've dedicated two years and a great deal of effort to the project. To start with, the big challenge was getting the management to buy into a project that won't earn any money for Credit Suisse – but that gives the bank an opportunity to give back to society. I'm thrilled that we were able to convince management of the value of this simple idea, namely that small donations can have a big impact.

What's so special about your idea of Micro-Donations?

Micro-Donations gives everyone the opportunity to donate – people like you and me. Most of us aren't millionaires, but all of us can afford to give small sums of money. These help people in need, and help us to feel good because we can help.

Support a good cause that's close to your heart

With Micro-Donations, you pick the charity or non-profit organization that you want to support. The Swiss Corporate Citizenship team at Credit Suisse has selected twenty partner organizations for you to choose from.

Credit Suisse employee Mina Goffo has been closely involved in the development of Micro-Donations, and explains:

"In selecting the organizations to benefit from this wonderful program, we wanted to include as many relevant sectors as possible – education, the environment, the arts, and social affairs, for example. We also wanted to choose organizations of various sizes that are active mainly, although not exclusively, in Switzerland. So interested clients are able to find organizations to which they would like to contribute over the long term."

Log in now and activate Micro-Donations!

Log in to Online Banking, and found out how easy it now is to help.

Under "Payments," activate Micro-Donations and decide the method by which you want to donate, how much, and who you would like your donation to go to. Once you've set up Credit Suisse Micro-Donations, your involvement will continue automatically. You can, of course, change Micro-Donations at any time if you need to4, or even cancel it altogether5.