Using Bonviva Bonviva Account Transfer Service – Free Switching of Cards and Accounts

Bonviva Account Transfer Service – Free Switching of Cards and Accounts

Does switching your house bank sound complicated and like hard work? Marco has tried it and is thrilled: With Credit Suisse, transferring cards and accounts to Credit Suisse is easy, quick, and free of charge. This Swiss globetrotter can soon be enjoying the benefits of the new Bonviva Banking Package.

At Home in Switzerland and the World

Marco loves to travel and discover the world. When he's planning a ski trip to Zermatt, his best friend says: "I'm coming with you. With my American Express card from Bonviva, I receive a free ski pass!" This makes Marco sit up and listen, and he has a closer look at Credit Suisse's Bonviva Banking Package. The advantages range from insurance benefits to partner offers from American Express, and are perfect for his travels.

Bonviva Account Transfer Service – Free Switching of Cards and Accounts

Switch Easily, Quickly, and Free of Charge

But it seems like a lot of work to transfer his cards and accounts. After all, there's plenty to sort out. His salary has to be credited to the right account, the electricity, telephone, and health insurance companies all have to be given his new bank account details, and standing orders have to be changed. There must be lots of forms to fill out and he'll probably have to go to the bank in person several times. He doesn't have the time or feel like dealing with all that.

I'd never have thought that transferring my cards and accounts could be so smooth and relaxed.

But then he finds out about the Bonviva account transfer service (PDF) and is thrilled that the process is so easy:

  1. He goes into a branch of Credit Suisse with his ID and signs up for the Bonviva Banking Package that is right for him. All the accounts are opened.
    Tip: It's a good idea to make an appointment with a client advisor in advance.
  2. Marco takes the checklist for the Bonviva account transfer service (PDF) with him to the personal consultation. In this way, he gives Credit Suisse the authority to close his existing accounts with his former bank and to transfer his assets to the new accounts. 
  3. Credit Suisse processes the checklist and contacts Marco if there are any queries.
  4. Very soon and with no interruption, Marco can carry out his banking transactions with the cards and accounts in the Bonviva Banking Package.

Marco's To-Do List: Information Needed for the Account Transfer Service

  • List of existing accounts with corresponding IBAN (private account, savings account, current account, 3a pension account)
  • Existing debit or credit cards, prepaid cards, and travel cash cards
  • Name and full address of employer to send details of the new salary account. For pensioners, the address of the pension fund
  • Overview of billers with direct debits (DD) and standing orders, such as health insurance, telephone provider, landlord, and insurance companies.

Tip: You can have an overview like this printed out by your former house bank, or obtain one from your existing online banking service.

The Perfect Partner at Home and on the Go

Marco is enjoying the new benefits and security of his Bonviva Banking Package. He can count on Credit Suisse, especially when something goes wrong: If he loses one of his cards, he'll be sent emergency cash and a replacement card. Not to mention various insurance policies for his travels. Marco can highly recommend the Bonviva account transfer service, and is looking forward to his next trip.