Using Bonviva Contactless Payment – the Quick Payment Method on the Go

Contactless Payment – the Quick Payment Method on the Go

More and more people in Switzerland are choosing contactless payment. The k kiosk owner Anita Sundi is delighted with the new contactless payment method. Every day, she can see how quick, convenient, and secure it is to make contactless payments. We show you how the new form of payment works and what you need to know regarding security.

At Anita Sundi's k kiosk in Stadelhofen, more and more clients are making contactless payments. "The first time, the clients are a little unsure," says the kiosk operator, "but then they're amazed at how quickly it works."

Precisely because the procedure is so smooth, more and more people are making use of their credit card's1 contactless function: In Switzerland, 90 percent of credit cards now have the contactless function, and 70 percent of card terminals are suitably equipped. 

More and more people are making use of their credit card's contactless function. At the same time, as a Bonviva client, you earn valuable points for the Bonviva Rewards Shop with every payment2.

Valora Retail, which owns the k kiosk brand, introduced the contactless function seven years ago. "Back then, k kiosks were about the only place with contactless payments," says Oliver Kneier, New Services/E-Business Category Manager at Valora Retail. Since Switzerland's major retailers also upgraded to the system, the number of contactless transactions has risen continuously.

Contactless Payment with Your Credit Card – Easy, Fast, and Secure

Anita Sundi tells us how easy contactless payments are: "You have to hold your card very close to the terminal. That's important for the card to be accepted, and helps keep you secure."

On one occasion, a woman at her checkout had her husband's card in her wallet too. This meant that two different cards were held up to the payment terminal at the same time. The transaction was immediately canceled – as always, when several cards are close to the device at the same time.
And so it's not possible for you to end up paying for the next person's newspaper by mistake. Only one transaction is possible within a short period.

This is how to make contactless payments3:

Contactless Payment

1. You can make contactless payments at any terminal displaying the contactless logo.

Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

2. When the amount is displayed, hold your credit card no more than 4 cm from the contactless logo on the payment terminal. Wait for the tone and the green light.

Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment

3. You receive confirmation of the payment on the display within a few seconds.

Contactless Payment

What Anita Sundi likes about contactless payments is the fact that her clients hold their card throughout the payment process. Hardly anyone leaves their card behind.

But if a card should get lost, the contactless function does not mean that unauthorized persons can use the card for larger payments:
This is because, in Switzerland, a PIN or signature is required almost everywhere for amounts of more than CHF 40.

Anita Sundi is especially pleased about anyone making contactless payments when there are lots of clients in the shop. Shopping is just quicker: "People don't have to spend time hunting for change," says Sundi, and then takes payment from the next client – contactless, of course.