Using Bonviva Bonviva Silver – the Basic Package for Your Banking Transactions

Bonviva Silver – the Basic Package for Your Banking Transactions

Bonviva Silver is the perfect basic Banking Package with great conditions – simple, convenient, and transparent. We show you what the package offers you.

Would you like a convenient and straightforward banking package with the most important accounts and cards? Everything you need – and at one transparent fixed price. Then Bonviva Silver is the right choice for you.

Bonviva Silver – the Basic Package for Your Banking Transactions

Your Package for Straightforward, Convenient Banking

Everyone wants to have time for the good things in life. To do so, it's important to be able to keep track of your finances easily and at any time: The Bonviva Silver Banking Package offers all the services you need, from a single source. You keep your costs under control thanks to the transparent fixed price. This means that everything is taken care of for you and you have enough time to enjoy your freedom.

Bonviva Silver Covers All Basic Banking Services.

Two Private Accounts, One Savings Account

Bonviva Silver includes two private accounts and one savings account, with attractive preferential interest rates and payment transaction fees included.

Online and Mobile Banking

Bonviva also provides you with 24/7 access to Credit Suisse Online & Mobile Banking, allowing you to carry out your banking transactions securely and conveniently anywhere and at any time. This enables you to have an overview of your financial situation at all times and manage pending payments and eBills.

One Maestro Card, Two Credit Cards

You can use your Maestro card to withdraw cash free of charge at all ATMs in Switzerland – in Swiss francs or euros.

In addition to your Maestro card, you also get two credit cards – an American Express card and a MasterCard or Visa Card. You can use these to withdraw cash easily both in Switzerland and abroad1. And you can also make cashless payments with your credit card of course, so you always have the right currency on you – wherever you are. In addition, you will avoid the inconvenience of exchanging foreign currency on your return.

The current chip-and-PIN technology integrated into Bonviva credit cards gives you the best possible security. This is considered to be fraud proof, and 3-D Secure ensures that you have even more protection when purchasing online.

Your credit card transactions are available on the same day in Online Banking so you are always up to date with your spending. This gives you full cost control and easy access to the latest information about debits. You can now also view your Bonviva credit card transactions at any time, anywhere – with the Credit Suisse Private Banking Switzerland App for tablets and smartphones.

And best of all, whenever you pay with your Bonviva credit card, you earn valuable Bonviva points, which you can exchange in the Bonviva Rewards Shop. There you will find countless exclusive products in around 14 categories – ranging from high-quality kitchen utensils and great sports equipment to the latest must-have Apple device.

Reliable Services and Insurance Benefits

In addition, you benefit from numerous services and insurance benefits, such as transport accident insurance3. This means that you are insured in the event of an accident on public transport – provided you pay for your ticket with the Bonviva credit card.

We also handle the account transfer for you free of charge.

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