Using Bonviva Take the Stress out of Your Day – with Bonviva Platinum

Take the Stress out of Your Day – with Bonviva Platinum

Bonviva Silver, Gold, or Platinum? With the Bonviva Platinum service, you can take the stress out of your day and enjoy our comprehensive services. Find out here what they are and why Bonviva Platinum clients find this package so appealing.

Four private accounts with two Maestro and credit cards1  each, banking services, and attractive savings interest and payment transaction fees – and that's not all. As a Bonviva Platinum client, you also benefit from exclusive additional services, such as the Bonviva Concierge Service, Priority Pass, and first-class security and travel services. Extended waiting times at the airport, a ticket request for a special concert, or a total loss to your rental car while on vacation – as a Bonviva Platinum client, these things are no longer a problem.

Take the Stress out of Your Day – with Bonviva Platinum

Enjoy the Bonviva Concierge Service

Our exclusive Bonviva Concierge Service will take care of your needs, whatever they may be, in a convenient and uncomplicated manner. The Bonviva Concierge Service is available around the world, around the clock, and helps you with the challenges of everyday life, be it arranging a gift, straightening out difficult situations, or reserving a seat at a great location. A phone call is all it takes, and the Bonviva Concierge Service will handle everything for you.

The Bonviva Concierge Service makes your life easier, by arranging a flight, booking a room at an exclusive hotel, or making a reservation at a terrific restaurant, for instance.

The Bonviva Concierge Service is your personal assistant, providing an all-round service to Bonviva Platinum clients. There is almost nothing the Bonviva Concierge Service can't do2:

  • Hospitality: The Bonviva Concierge Service organizes everything to ensure the comfort of its guests (e.g. booking flights, hotels and rental cars).
  • Event reservation: Whether ticket availability, reservation, or booking – the Bonviva Concierge Service will help you have an unforgettable experience.
  • Flower delivery service: Together with a reputable florist, we will make sure that delightful seasonal flowers find their way to the desired recipient.
  • Gift service: The Bonviva Concierge Service selects high-quality gifts on your behalf and delivers them safely to the recipient. You pay the gift and delivery costs.
  • Restaurant reservation: The service includes table reservations and restaurant information around the world.
  • Butler and chauffeur service: Regardless of your destination and how you plan to travel – the Bonviva Concierge Service will ensure that you get there safely.
  • Courier service: No matter what needs to get from A to B, the Bonviva Concierge Service will get it there safely.

Take Advantage of Exclusive Insurance Benefits3

Bonviva Platinum clients can take advantage of a large range of insurance benefits: travel cancellation and delay insurance, luggage insurance, loss damage waiver for rental cars, return protection insurance, to name just a few.

For example, did you know you have a 90-day right of return on all goods? At least for undamaged, operational goods with a value of at least CHF 604. If your seller does not want to take back the goods, Bonviva Platinum clients can rely on our return protection insurance. Simply pay with your Platinum credit card.

We also take care of you on vacation:

  • Travel cancellation insurance, delay insurance, and luggage insurance: Pay for your entire vacation using your Bonviva Platinum credit card – and the luggage of all insured persons will be covered on the trip against theft, damage, and destruction. Exclusively for Platinum clients, the insurance also covers delays or last-minute travel cancellations.
  • Loss damage waiver for rental cars: Had an accident with your rental car while on vacation? Did you pay with your Bonviva Platinum credit card? In that case, you benefit from our loss damage waiver for rental cars – worldwide.

Relaxing Travel with the Priority Pass

A vacation should be relaxing – as a Bonviva Platinum client, you can be sure your trip will be restful.

With the Priority Pass, long weekends and vacations start earlier! A lounge makes waiting a relaxing experience. Some of our Platinum clients make sure to include it in their travel plans.

Whether you use the Bonviva Concierge Service for travel planning not – your vacation truly starts as soon as you reach the airport. The Priority Pass gives you unlimited access to over 1000 airport lounges around the world. Depending on the lounge, you get free food and drink, WiFi, and numerous magazines and newspapers.

Exclusive Products in our "Platinum Boutique" Rewards Shop

Whenever you pay with your credit card, you automatically earn valuable Bonviva points, which you can redeem for attractive rewards. You benefit most when you pay with your Platinum American Express. Compared to Silver and Gold clients, you receive up to twice as many reward points in your account. You also have access to the "Platinum Boutique" with exclusive rewards.

The Bonviva Rewards Shop lets you simply indulge yourself – without spending a penny. Exchange your collected points for exclusive rewards.