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Maximize your assets. Financial planning for young professionals.

Maximize your assets. Financial planning for young professionals.

Achieve financial freedom and get a head start on building your dream life. We can advise on optimizing taxes, saving for a big-ticket purchase, investing your inheritance, and more.

Build Wealth

Save, invest or put away for retirement? We’ll show you different ways to build wealth over time. Your strategy will determine whether your wealth will grow, and how fast. We’ll discuss the risks and opportunities.


An efficient savings plan is based on your current funds, personal risk tolerance and a monthly savings amount. Work out your personal savings strategy with us.


Use our knowledge of the investment market to make the right decisions. You determine how often we’ll meet, how exhaustive our consultations will be and how your portfolio will be monitored.

Saving for retirement

Switzerland’s pension system includes government and occupational pensions (first and second pillar) as well as voluntary private pensions (third pillar). We will advise you on your options.

Build Reserves

Begin preparing for the unexpected as you start your career and lead a more carefree life. We’ll show you how to reach savings goals and build reserves with surprisingly small sums. Contact us for a consultation.

Build Reserves

Save on Taxes

Every change in your life can have tax implications. The more you know about the consequences, the easier it will be for you to improve your tax situation.

Change of residence

You’re thinking about moving? Please remember that tax laws vary between cantons and countries.

Saving for retirement

Do you have questions about your retirement provision as you begin your career? We are happy to advise you. Switzerland’s pension system includes government and occupational pensions as well as voluntary private pensions.


Payments for some kinds of liabilities, such as mortgages and loans, have tax implications. Contact us for a consultation.

Realize Your Dreams

You can’t fulfill all your dreams at once, especially when you’ve just started working. Set aside money regularly, and you’ll be able to reach big goals over time.

Travel the world

Take the liberty to explore the world. Don’t put off your travel plans; act on them while you’re still young. We’ll help you plan the financial side of your dream trip. Contact us for details.

Buy a car

Buying a new car is always a big investment. Start saving early so you can afford the car you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll show you all your savings options.

Get married

Weddings are a landmark event in anyone’s life. Celebrate your special day the way you’ve always dreamed of doing. We’ll help you get an early start on preparing for it financially.

remodel your home

From a comfortable couch to a spacious bedroom wardrobe, good-​quality furnishings don’t come cheap. Plan your expenses in advance. We’ll gladly help.

Accept Inheritance. Invest Assets

An inheritance completely changes the focus of your financial planning. Yesterday, your thoughts revolved around financing and retirement. Today, you’re focused on investing your inheritance intelligently. However, your investment strategy should take account of your current stage in life – whether you need cash now or want to build wealth over the long term. Contact us for a consultation.

Accept Inheritance. Invest Assets

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