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Asset planning for students and trainees

Asset planning for students and trainees. Start small, dream big.

Your financial means may still be modest, but develop the right plan now, and you’ll be on the path to a financially sound future. And make a few dreams come true along the way.

Build Wealth

Wealth – whether accumulated gradually through saving and investing or received suddenly through inheritance – can help you realize your dreams and plans. Your strategy determines whether your wealth will grow, and how fast. We’ll explain the risks and opportunities to you.

Build Wealth


Start setting money aside while you’re a student or trainee. When you combine monthly savings with financial assets, small sums can eventually grow into large ones.


Use our knowledge of the investment market to make the right decisions. You determine how often we’ll meet, how exhaustive our consultations will be and how your portfolio will be monitored.

Saving for retirement

Do you have questions about saving for retirement when you’re just starting out? We’ll be happy to advise you. Switzerland’s pension system includes government and occupational pensions as well as voluntary private pensions.

Build Reserves

Life is punctuated by big events: a trip around the world, marriage, a new home. Preparing for them provides peace of mind. In a personal consultation, we’ll help you figure out how to build financial reserves while you’re a student or trainee.

Build Reserves

Accept Inheritance. Invest Wealth

An inheritance can completely change the focus of your financial planning. Yesterday, your thoughts revolved around financing and saving for retirement. Today, you’re focused on investing your inheritance intelligently. However, your investment strategy should take account of your stage in life – whether you need cash now or want to build wealth over the long term. Contact us for a consultation.

Accept Inheritance. Invest Wealth

Save on Taxes

Many life events have tax implications. That includes starting a degree or training program. If you know the consequences, you can avoid mistakes and potentially reap financial gains while you’re still a student or trainee.

Change of residence

Tax laws vary from one canton to the next. Use our tax calculator to forecast the tax consequences of moving to a new home.

Saving for retirement

Use our knowledge of the investment market to make the right decisions. You determine how often we’ll meet, how exhaustive our consultations will be and how your portfolio will be monitored.


Financial obligations like mortgages or lombard loans will affect your taxes. We’d be glad to tell you more.

Make Your Dreams Come True

There are so many things worth saving up for. But it’s not easy to do when you’re a student. You can still realize big and small dreams, though – with good financial planning. Start early and set aside a small sum on a regular basis. That way, you can reach your goals.

Travel the world

You’re young. The world is your oyster. Take the time to discover it. A little money goes a long way in some faraway lands. We’ll help you financially plan your trip. Talk to us today.

Get a driver’s license

Many employers expect you to be able to drive. A driver’s license lets you lead a more independent life, too. Either way, it makes sense to get an early start on saving up for a license.

Buy a car

You never forget your first car, whether you got it as a gift or bought it yourself. But you might want to buy a new one when you start working. Start saving for it today. We’ll explain your options.

Get married

Weddings are a landmark event in anyone’s life. Celebrate your special day the way you’ve always dreamed of doing. We’ll help you prepare for it financially while you’re still a student or trainee.

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