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  1. Pillar 3a maximum amount 2024: Planning your contributions

    Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2024

    The maximum Pillar 3a amounts for 2024 remain the same as last year – plan your deposits for next year now.

  2. Bespoke retirement: Switzerland's four retirement models

    Retirement is a milestone in your professional life. That is why it needs to be planned well. Whether you choose to retire early at 58 or defer retirement until 70, and whether you take a partial retirement in stages or retire upon reaching the reference age: Learn about the pros and cons of the different retirement models and find out more in informative articles. These will help you find out which retirement model is best suited to your personal situation.

  3. Normal retirement: How to take your retirement

    Taking normal retirement. What you need to do.

    You will soon be reaching the reference age and wish to take your well-earned retirement. Find out what steps you need to take for normal retirement and what points you need to bear in mind.

  4. Deferred retirement: postpone your BVG and AHV pension

    Deferred retirement. Why it pays off.

    If you are in good health and enjoy your work, you may want to work past the reference age. How deferred retirement works and what the concrete financial advantages look like.

  5. Planning for early retirement

    Early retirement: Can I afford to retire early?

    Many people nurture the desire to retire early. However, the financial shortfall associated with early retirement needs to be clarified beforehand. Only if you plan ahead and are aware of your likely pension from the AHV and pension fund will you know whether early retirement is possible.

  6. Partial retirement: Key facts on staggered retirement

    Leave the world of work step-by-step with partial retirement

    Partial retirement enables gainfully employed persons to gradually reduce their level of employment, provided that their employer allows this. Find out what you need to consider and why detailed planning is key if you intend to take phased retirement.

  7. Retirement provision in Switzerland: What's the situation with the pension system?

    Retirement provision in Switzerland. The essentials at a glance.

    What will retirement provision in Switzerland look like in the future? And how can you prevent gaps in your pension provision? Read about the latest developments regarding AHV, pension funds, and the third pillar and how gainfully employed persons can best save for old age.

  8. AHV 21: These are the most important changes

    AHV 21 reform: The main changes as of January 1, 2024

    The Swiss electorate has decided: On September 25, 2022, they said "yes" to the AHV 21 reform, which enters into force on January 1, 2024. This is intended to secure financing for the first pillar until 2030. The reform will be financed by the increased reference age for women and by the increase in VAT. Here are the key changes, explained simply.

  9. Pillar 3a: Save on tax

    How Big Are the Actual Tax Savings in Your Region Thanks to Pillar 3a?

    Paying in to Pillar 3a allows you to reduce your tax bill – but how much can you actually save? The extent to which you can benefit from the third pillar depends largely on where you live, as the amount saved varies from region to region. 

  10. Compare taxes in Switzerland: Income and wealth taxes on natural persons

    Swiss canton and municipality tax rankings: Here’s how much natural persons pay

    As was the case last year, the Canton of Zug remains the most affordable canton for natural persons in Switzerland when it comes to taxes. This is revealed in the Tax Monitor Switzerland 2023 from Credit Suisse. The tax rankings show hardly any changes compared to last year. However, there are some differences if you take a closer look.