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  1. Understand your pension fund statement, pension certificate

    How to understand your pension fund statement

    The pension fund statement – also called the pension certificate – contains specific information about your second pillar that concerns not only your retirement age. However, you need to be familiar with some jargon and background information in order to understand your pension certificate properly. We explain them in an example, point by point.

  2. Where Can I Find Information about the Status of My Three Pillars?

    Where Can I Find Information about the Status of My Three Pillars?

    It is not very easy for people who recently started living and working in Switzerland to keep an overview of their pension status. The AHV and pension fund statement provides important information about the status of your three pillars.

  3. Change of employer with transfer of existing BVG assets to the new pension fund

    Transfer of Pension Fund Assets following a Job Change: How it Works

    When changing employers, employees must transfer their BVG capital to the new pension fund pursuant to the Federal Act on Vesting in Pension Plans. This payment forms the basis for the calculation of future payments to which the employee is entitled.