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  1. no-universal-pension-provision-solution

    No universal pension-provision solution

    Any wealth planning process should start with an analysis of the overall asset picture. People's attention is currently focused on employee benefits insurance. According to the Credit Suisse Worry Barometer, 44% of Swiss voters consider retirement provision their main concern, making it society's primary issue. The origins of these concerns are widely known.

  2. Performance Report Pillar

    Annual Report 2017 - Pillar 3a

    How was the 2017 stock market year from the perspective of the Credit Suisse Privilegia Pillar 3 pension foundation and how should the results achieved be evaluated? In the Annual Report - 2017 Pillar 3a you will also find out what developments are forecast for the 2018 stock market year.

  3. Credit Suisse Financial Planning Video

    Financial planning in brief: What is Credit Suisse financial planning and what are the key questions that will be answered?