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  1. Buying a house in Bern: Real estate in Bern is in high demand

    "Real estate in Bern and Thun often goes to the highest bidder"

    The demand for residential property is high in the city of Bern and the surrounding area, says Nadja Müller, Head of Credit Suisse's mortgage center for southeastern Bern. In this interview, she gives tips for buying property in Bern. 

  2. Buying your first apartment – purchasing a condominium in seven steps

    Seven steps to buying your first apartment

    You have been a tenant long enough and want to become an owner and live life to the fullest in an owner-occupied home. It is time to buy your first apartment. In seven easy-to-understand steps we examine how to go about purchasing your first condominium.

  3. Home buying: when is the right time to purchase real estate?

    The right time for buying a home

    Real estate prices fluctuate depending on factors such as the market situation, the economic framework conditions, or the location of the property. The financing hurdles for the acquisition of residential property are a recurring topic. How can you then find a good time to buy a home?

  4. Energy efficiency funding programs: when funding is available

    Save energy and money. What's funded by the government.

    Anyone incorporating energy efficiency when building is planning ahead, and it pays off. The federal government, cantons, and municipalities have various funding programs for energy efficiency. Find out what is funded and the right way to apply for funding.

  5. Purchasing an apartment: A checklist for buying your own condominium

    Eight aspects of buying an apartment. What you need to know.

    Buying a condominium is not the same as buying a house. Learn what commonhold ownership means, why a well-stocked renovation fund is important, and what else you should pay attention to when you are buying an apartment.

  6. Buying an old house: What to look out for in old properties

    Buying an old property – look out for these seven hidden costs 

    Affordable old buildings are highly sought after. But it is important to take a close look at older properties and not rush into signing a contract under time pressure. What you need to consider aside from location, price, and character when buying an old property – so you can turn an old house into your dream home. 

  7. buying-a-house-ten-point-checklist-for-buying-a-house

    Ten things to consider when buying a house

    It's not every day you buy a house. So it is important to take enough time and inform yourself well. We explain what you need to consider when buying a house, so you don't buy a pig in a poke, and when it's worth calling in an expert.

  8. mortgage-models-fixed-rate-mortgage-or-libor-mortgage

    Advantages and disadvantages of different mortgage models

    Fixed rate, LIBOR, or adjustable-rate? The right mortgage can keep your wallet and your nerves intact. Find out what types of mortgages exist, what advantages and disadvantages they have, and how to decide which mortgage is right for you.

  9. building-vs-buying-a-house-building-is-expensive-and-takes-time

    Building vs. buying a house – these five questions help when making a decision

    Building your own dream home – a childhood dream of many Swiss people. There are some arguments in favor of building a new house, but some against it too. The following five questions will help you to find out if it would be better for you to build a new house or to buy an existing one.

  10. mortgage-interest-rising-interest-rates-increase-mortage-interest-rate

    Higher Interest Rates Could Become a Burden

    Interest rate increases would have a major impact on the Swiss real estate market. Buyers would have to shell out more money to afford their own home. Current owners would also feel the financial pain of higher interest rates – albeit with a delay.