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  1. Financial markets: Investors have cause to be optimistic about a stock market recovery

    Recovery for financial markets? Eight good reasons.

    Coronavirus has infected stock markets worldwide, unleashing an unprecedented financial market tsunami. But those who demonstrate endurance today will profit tomorrow. Why a recovery is likely, and how investors can exploit it.

  2. Real estate funds offer attractive opportunities. Despite the coronavirus shock.

    Market uncertainty due to the spread of coronavirus also did not spare real estate investments. It led to severe upheavals. However, Swiss real estate funds have since recovered. They are likely to continue to offer investors reliable returns, especially in the residential segment.

  3. The business situation of Swiss industry and service providers is starting to collapse

    Swiss economy suffering under lockdown

    This Swiss economy is groaning under the strain caused by measures to combat the coronavirus. As a result of the lockdown, the business situation for Swiss industry and many companies in the service sector is growing darker. However, government support measures can help in this time of crisis.

  4. Investing in coronavirus times. Don't lose sight of the big picture.

    Like an out-of-control train rushing towards us – that's what the crisis triggered by the coronavirus looks like. Nevertheless, investors should take a holistic view. How coronavirus may affect more than just the global economy – and why the worst is probably over on the financial markets.

  5. Market risk: Financial markets withstanding coronavirus epidemic

    Market risk from coronavirus? Don't panic.

    The coronavirus is stirring up fear. Panic is the wrong response for investors, though, since the financial markets have a healthy immune system. This is also evident when we look back on market developments during past epidemics. The market risk can be minimized through smart portfolio diversification.

  6. Investment strategy and interesting investment opportunities: Expert tips

    Investment solutions: Investment opportunities for every type of investor 

    There are countless investment opportunities. But which ones are worth my while? The experts from Credit Suisse's Investment Solutions unit keep pace with the latest trends and can assist during personal consultations.

  7. Investment Outlook: Equities – an attractive investment in 2020

    Investment Outlook: Will the stock market rally continue?

    Equity markets are likely to develop positively again in 2020. However, the Credit Suisse Investment Outlook shows why they are unlikely to perform as well as they did last year.

  8. Investment Outlook: How investors earn positive returns despite low interest rates

    Investment Outlook: How investors earn positive returns despite low interest rates

    Low interest rates could once more pose challenges for investors in 2020. Yet, by diversifying, positive returns can be generated even in this investment environment. In this year's Investment Outlook, Credit Suisse's investment experts share their recommendations for a successful investment strategy.

  9. Investment solutions: How we come up with investment recommendations

    "We offer our clients a wide range of investment themes and investment solutions."

    We don't leave anything to chance when it comes to investing. But how do we come up with investment recommendations? Our interview goes behind the scenes with Olivier Fräfel, Head of Investment Solutions.

  10. The climate change economy: profit from sustainable investments

    Use private equity to enhance your risk/return profile.

    Private equity has become an attractive asset class for private investors. Private equity funds allow you to invest with low capital in attractive companies without the stock market. Read how investments in private equity can boost your portfolio, and what investors should keep in mind.