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Change the world with a start-up. Go for it!

Make the world a better place with your start-up. Go for it.

Whether you're a B2B entrepreneur, a shop owner, a young designer, a game developer, or an artisan: You want to be your own boss, bring innovative ideas to life, and do your own thing. We share your enthusiasm and are here to help you – with practical tips, a valuable network, and helpful solutions.

Tipps und Links

You need to be well prepared to venture into self-employment. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started. As the Bank for Entrepreneurs, we are happy to hear your concerns if you'd like more specific advice. Go for it!

  • 12 steps to success

  • A professional start

  • Successful networking

  • Get the right insurance

  • Clarify tax issues

  • Precise accounting

  • Save money

  • Become more profitable

  • Record the value-added tax

  • Or outsource your accounting

Simple banking solutions for young entrepreneurs

Our practical and comprehensive Startup Easy range includes the most important products and services for your start-up's everyday needs in the first three years after establishing the business. The first year is free of charge, and then it's just CHF 5 a month. Best of luck!

Get a new banking relationship digitally

f you have already launched your company, it's really easy to open your new banking relationship online, and the entire application for the Startup Easy Package is digital.

Startup Easy Package

Two corporate accounts, two savings accounts, debit cards and credit cards,* plus more.

* Credit Cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

Personal consultation

Direct access to advisors and experts along with efficient processing of banking business by phone or email: everything from FX and payment transactions to liquidity management.

Clear overview of costs

Transparent pricing system, thanks to modular structure for basic offering and add-ons.

Flexible solutions

Thanks to overdraft limits, you can avoid any liquidity bottlenecks from an overdrawn account.

Attractive credit card products

The Startup Easy Package includes credit cards* with many insurance benefits for when you travel and an attractive bonus program.

* Credit Cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

Comprehensive add-ons

The Startup Easy Package has interesting options you can add, particularly for foreign currency transactions and overdraft limits.

Convinced? Open an account now!

Open an account online

Open a capital payment account

Arrange a personal consultation

Reliable support for self-employment.

STARTUPS.CH is a partner of Credit Suisse with 20 branches throughout Switzerland. So far, 20,000 start-ups have been successfully launched through this information portal for start-ups. Perhaps soon, even yours. 

Save start-up costs

As your bank and a partner of STARTUPS.CH, Credit Suisse will cover some of your start-up costs. Find out about the conditions.

Gain expertise

STARTUPS.CH Academy offers courses around Switzerland. They cover topics such as founding a company, trademark protection, insurance, client acquisition, and much more.

Successful business planning

STARTUPS.CH gives you access to several tools as well as the assistance to develop your business idea into a business concept.

More visibility for your start-up

The Top 100 Startup Award recognizes the most innovative and promising start-up projects in Switzerland and has already put many SMEs on the map.


Even though you can't apply for the award yourself, it is a good idea to showcase your company on, where you can catch the attention of experts.

Inspire investors

If you are one of the winners of the Startup Award, not only do you get a great deal of PR, but you also get the chance to introduce your business to international investors. 

Find inspiration

You can find short bios on the best start-ups on Get inspired!

Kitro is going for it.

As Kitro, Anastasia Hofmann and Naomie MacKenzie are using a new approach to reduce food waste. Find out here how they are running their project and what their next goals are.

Kitro is going for it (Erzähler zur Verfügung)

Lift the World Cup in 2027. Go for it.

You’re crazy about football, talented, and virtually inseparable from the ball. You are your team's biggest supporter and never miss a game. Then you are in the right place. We care about football just as much as you do. That’s why we sponsor it – from recreational sport to the national teams. So that you can continue to develop as a footballer.

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