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Not all those who wander are lost. Go for it!

Discover the world for the first time on your own. Go for it.

You just want to get away. Ideally right this minute, and without your parents for a change. No matter what your plan is: language stay, city trip, or world trip – a trip abroad must be organized well. To this end, we have gathered a few useful tips and practical banking solutions for you.

Tips and links

Before letting your wanderlust overcome you, it's worth keeping a cool head and planning your trip well. So that you can go out in the wide world and come back safe and sound.

  • Book cleverly

  • Experience more

  • Make payments abroad

  • Know the risks

  • Travel insured

  • Check beforehand

Worldwide access to your account 

The Viva Banking Package provides you with all important banking services for free. And with online and mobile banking, you can also carry out your banking transactions on the go, with full control over your account.

Easy and fast

With the Credit Suisse Direct app, you can simply scan payment slips and be done. In addition, you can receive information about your account via push notifications.

Security and protection

Maestro and credit cards* provide maximum security via chip and PIN. The adjustable country settings protect against skimming. 

* Credit Cards, issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

Make payments and withdrawals worldwide

With a Maestro card and, in an emergency, also with a credit card,* you can withdraw cash at over 2 million ATMs. 

* Credit Cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

Easy mobile payment

Make easy, secure, and fast payments via smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.

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For legal and regulatory reasons, only persons domiciled in Switzerland can open an account.

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Crismiel's going for it.

Crismiel wants to see the world and is traveling for the first time alone to Milan. See what she experienced here.

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Fly the nest. Go for it.

You want to stand on your own two feet. Move away from home. Your first own apartment is a big step toward independence. We congratulate you on your decision and support you with helpful tips as well as the right products.

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