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The choice is finally yours. Go for it!

Finally make your own choices. Go for it.

You want to finally be independent and make your own decisions – about your life and how you spend your money. We support you with practical tips on dealing with money and with a free account including cards,* free cash withdrawals, attractive interest rates, and cinema discounts.

* Credit Cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

Tips, tricks, and links.

Being independent promises a lot of freedom. But it also means assuming responsibility. Here are a few suggestions to have some money left over at the end of the month.

  • Ideas for saving

  • Money tips – not rules

  • Budget advice

Decide for yourself – with your own account 

The Viva Banking Package provides you with all the important banking services for free, so that you have your finances under control. And the Viva Movie Days ensure that fun is not forgotten. Your advantages here.

Attractive interest rates

With the Viva savings account, you benefit from 0.5 percent interest on the first CHF 25,000.

Movies for less

You can go to the movies every day for CHF 13 (3D movies CHF 15, not incl. glasses) in one of our partner cinemas. Popcorn and a soft drink included. Your guest pays the same.

Free cash withdrawals

With the Maestro card, you get free cash withdrawals in CHF and EUR at all ATMs in Switzerland.

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Change the status quo. Go for it.Discover the world for the first time on your own. Go for it.

You just want to get away. Ideally right this minute, and without your parents for a change. No matter what your plan is: language stay, city trip, or world trip – a trip abroad must be organized well. To this end, we have gathered a few useful tips and practical banking solutions for you.

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