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Hoist the 2027 World Cup Trophy. Go for it!

Lift the World Cup in 2027. Go for it.

You’re crazy about football, talented, and virtually inseparable from the ball. You are your team's biggest supporter and never miss a game. Then you are in the right place. We care about football just as much as you do. That’s why we sponsor it – from recreational sport to the national teams. So that you can continue to develop as a footballer.

Tips and links

There are many paths to the final. One of the most promising is consistent participation in our country-wide football events.

  • Win the first cup

  • Fulfill hopes

  • Become a legend

  • Pursue goals

  • After the game is before the game

  • Manage the first transfer sums

  • Cheer on the national team

Take the class heartthrob to the movies. Go for it.

You like to go to the movies, ideally in good company. Even better if it doesn't cost much and popcorn and a soft drink are included. All you need is a free Viva Banking Package for young people and students. On top of the movie offer, you also benefit from accounts, cards* and online and mobile services.

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