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Change the status quo. Go for it.

Change the status quo. Go for it.

You want to make a difference. Follow your own dreams. Do your creative projects. You are part of a new generation. You are the future. And we are at your side. With uncomplicated solutions and targeted support: for personal challenges, innovative entrepreneurship, or a great football career. You have the power. Use it.

Move out of your parents' house. Go for it!

Fly the nest. Go for it.

You want to move away from home to become personally and financially independent. The freedom is tempting, but you suddenly have to take care of a lot of things that your parents used to do for you. No reason to throw in the towel. Get practical tips from us.

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Switch up the monotony. Go for it!

Discover the world for the first time on your own. Go for it.

You have some time, money, and desire to see the world. You want to leave your parents at home and your friends are once again short on cash. No reason to give up on your thirst for adventure. A few tips and clicks, then you're ready to go. Have a safe trip!

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The choice is finally yours. Go for it!

Finally make your own choices. Go for it.

You want to be independent and manage your first salary or pocket money for yourself. So far, so good. But what does this mean, specifically? Which costs should you expect and how do you make a budget, and, more importantly, keep it? A few simple rules will give you the confidence that it'll be alright.

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Not all those who wander are lost. Go for it!

Take the class heartthrob to the movies. Go for it.

You love going out and watching movies on the big screen. Preferably in good company. We will show you how you can pull this off even with a small budget and make your movie date a showstopper.

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Ask your crush out. Go for it!

Make the world a better place with your start-up. Go for it.

You have the irrepressible desire to become independent and create your own company. You have an innovative idea and are bursting with motivation and energy. What next? We have a few promising tips for you.

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Hoist the 2027 World Cup Trophy. Go for it!

Lift the World Cup in 2027. Go for it.

You are a creative team player and are on the field every chance you get. You want to compete with others and have fun doing it. We support football in Switzerland from the juniors to the national teams and create events that will inspire you. Get your cleats on.

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