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        Information on insurance mediation (in accordance with Art. 45 of the Insurance Supervision Act) and declaration of consent

        In connection with the mediation of an insurance policy, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd., Paradeplatz 8, 8001 Zurich, (hereinafter referred to as "Credit Suisse") notifies you of the following:

        1.    Mediation agreement: Credit Suisse has concluded an agreement with Firstcaution SA, Avenue Edouard-Rod 4, 1260 Nyon (hereinafter referred to as "Firstcaution") on the mediation of rental deposit guarantee agreements by Credit Suisse to Firstcaution SA. This declaration relates solely to the mediation of such agreements (hereinafter referred to as "CSX Rent agreement") with Firstcaution. For the client, other equally or more suitable rental deposit guarantee agreements may be available on the market.

        2.    Commissions and compensation: Credit Suisse is paid periodic compensation for referring a client to Firstcaution based on the premium volume of clients referred by Credit Suisse who conclude an CSX Rent agreement. This compensation is retained by Credit Suisse in order to offset its expenses. You acknowledge and declare that you are not entitled to this compensation and therefore waive such claims.

        3.    CSX Rent agreement: The CSX Rent agreement is a rental deposit guarantee agreement with Firstcaution. Accordingly, Credit Suisse is not a contracting party and merely acts as mediator. Firstcaution decides at its own discretion whether and under what conditions it is willing to enter into an agreement with the client. Credit Suisse does not warrant, guarantee, or accept any liability for your ability to enter into an agreement with Firstcaution.

        4.    Liability for advice provided: Any advice provided by Credit Suisse in connection with the mediation is subject to the customary due diligence, whereby Credit Suisse shall be liable for any negligence, errors, or incorrect information on its part in connection with its mediation activity to the extent required by law.

        5.    Collection and processing of data: For the purpose of mediating the CSX Rent agreement with Firstcaution, Credit Suisse collects your contact and other personal data and forwards it to Firstcaution where necessary for the purposes of concluding and executing the CSX Rent agreement. Firstcaution uses this data in particular to determine the premium, fulfill its duty of due diligence under the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, and process insured events, as well as for statistical evaluations and marketing purposes.

        6.    Data transfer from Credit Suisse to Firstcaution: The data collected by Credit Suisse using a web form is transmitted via the internet (see section 5 above). The Credit Suisse web form is hosted on a server in the United Kingdom by a service provider on behalf of Credit Suisse. The data entered in the web form is temporarily stored on the provider's server before being transferred to Firstcaution. The data on the server is deleted immediately after being transferred. Further information on how Credit Suisse processes your personal data is available in our Data Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy.

        7.    Notice of agreement conclusion: Once you have entered into an CSX Rent agreement with Firstcaution, Firstcaution will notify Credit Suisse accordingly. Credit Suisse may use this information for its own marketing purposes, for example to provide you with information about Credit Suisse products or services, and/or offer them to you, by email, SMS, telephone, or via its banking app (via push notification).

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